Wednesday, September 10, 2008


A few things I love about Colleen:
She is brave. She will do things that other people might think are too hard.
She goes all out to provide experiences for her kids.
She is smart and likes to figure things out (like her dad).
She is a good friend and nurtures her relationships.
She married Paul (good choice).
She has very great and fun-to-be-with kids.
She is wise and speaks the truth (like her mom).
She brings out the best in me.
Happy Birthday, Colleen!!
I am so happy you were born. (My friends were jealous.)


Bekah said...

A few years ago when life was a little chaotic. I remember that baby Gabe was in utero, we found ourselves drawn to Paul and Colleen's house. They were in the teeny tiny rental, but we couldn't stay away. We love coming to see you. Jesse loves helping with the current home improvement project. He loves that E can go hiking with him. I love that my kids' great aunts are so cool. I thought great aunts were ornery, wrinkly, grumpy old ladies. I'm happy to find out they are savvy, smart, gorgeous, and full of life. Happy Day to you Colleen. xoxo, Bekah

Kaity DeMartini said...

Happy Birthday Colleen. You have always been such an integral and important part of my life. I don't know what life growing up in Hawaii would have been like without the Springs. Thanks for always making everything fun and having the best kid birthday parties. Thanks for having Ethan so that I could pretend like he was my little brother that I never had. I love you.

sienna said...

happy birthday. i have to second kaity that you are a huge and important part of our lives. you were definitely a second mom to us since we were always around. thank you so much for being so loving and so inclusive of me. i have had so many great experiences because i got to be a part of your family. i love talking to you and definitely look up to you as an intellegent, hard working mother, aunt and friend. i hope you have a super fun birthday.

Yesenia said...

ditto to all of the comments above. colleen has played such an important role in my life as well. i have been blessed to be able to live with the springs for many years and to really be a part of their family. colleen is so smart and so witty! she has always been there for me and i consider here like a mother. we have had many heart-to-heart conversations, and i've always left feeling smarter, wiser, loved, etc. i just want colleen to know how much i admire her and respect her in more ways than she'll ever know! when i get to be your age, i hope i can be as beautiful, trendy, wise, intelligent, as you! love you!

Jesse said...

Happy Birthday. Love the old pictures.

Damaris said...

When Christian introduced me to Colleen I thought he was lying. "This lady is supposed to have teenage kids how can she look so young?"

Colleen is beautiful. I love her clothes. She is also super smart.

Happy birthday. I'm glad I get to see you today to give you a nice hug!
xoxo, Da

Anonymous said...

Sooooooooooooo cute!

noelle said...

Karen, Tricia--I love the pictures. They remind me of how loved I am. We looked adorable. I've had a great birthday--the highlight was the sweet compliments after dinner from Pammy, Damaris, Mariko, Jake, Isaiah, Truman, Paul, Robin, and gifts. The only thing better would be to be with you guys too. I miss Mom, Karen, Tricia, Andy, Nan and their wunderkids--and Charlene, and all the Davids and Michele--oh no, there are so many I miss, maybe I should stop before I get homesick. I took the day off work, and Paul and I went to Ted's Bakery for lunch and to shark's cove--it was fabulous.

Love and kisses,


austie said...

Happy Birthday Momichka! Thanks for everything! I love you tons.