Saturday, September 20, 2008

sao paulo

we made it to brasil. here is some proof. we had a fun day in the city despite the constant drizzle. i guess it is our fault for coming in winter. wish you could be here.


Damaris said...

You already know what I'm going to say so no need.


I LOVE Tony's green sweater. Where did he buy it? I'm totally serious. I had a green sweater like that except that the zipper was placed differently. It was my favorite sweater ever and it was stolen.

I also had no idea your hair was so short (compared to how it usually is)

you guys look good. I'm jealous. There I said it. I couldn't resist.

Karen said...

looks like fun. good hair. you all look happy. we hope we are still on your itinerary!

sienna said...

tony's jacket is from american apparel. i have the same one in pink, although mine totally has holes cause i wore it through. yeah, i overpaid for a real haircut and like it a lot. she made it a lot lighter so it dries faster, etc.

we miss you da and wish you were here.