Saturday, September 20, 2008

Home Sweet Home

we've been back for 24 hours and I've already managed to
  1. Call Christian on the phone at least 10 times. This is what happens when you don't get to hear your husband's voice for over 2 weeks. If I wasn't his wife I would definitely qualify as stalker. He takes this gracefully whereas my sisters tease me every time I call.
  2. See at least 100 Obama signs and t-shirts. I want to convince the mayor to shut down the town for the next couple months and force every one to move to a swing state.
  3. pick up 3 hitch hikers.
  4. been asked if I needed a ride. When I'm alone I hitch hike all the time. With Enzo it's a different story.
  5. remark repeatedly "the view from this place (parking lot) is insane!" We have a fabulous view of the bay.
  6. make my immaculate house (thank you awesome subletters) into a ginormous mess. I'm blaming it on the unpacking process and Enzo's ecstatic state of seeing all his toys and his need to pull them out and have them all sprad put on the floor.
  7. take Enzo to music class where we got to sing songs about peace and tofu with fellow hippy parents.
  8. Get in a fight with a hippy mom. Luckily this family does not live here but they visit often. Their 5 year old son always hits Enzo whenever he's around. Today Enzo was sitting inside my house eating a granola bar. The kid saw Enzo from the window came inside my house and hit him almost knocking Enzo out of the chair. All this in front of me. I yelled at the kid and when I went to talk to his mom she said I should lock my gate. Hummm "your stupid son opens the gate" and then I procced to get in a fight with her. I love this place but I hate how parents around here believe that raising free spirited kids means that they have NO limits. The kid never got a time out or had to say he was sorry. Next time he came by I pulled him aside and wispered "if you hit Enzo again I swear I will hit you so hard you will no longer be able to ride that stupid tri-cycle of yours" sure I said it in a moment of rage but I meant every word of it.
  9. have a total melt down when I realized that the poopy smell in my room was poop. Enzo took off his diaper in the closet pooped his pants and smeared it mostly on the white sheets that I was about to put on the bed. He also got it on the walls, and on a bunch of clothes that were just out of the closet.
  10. commit myself to a union meeting tomorrow after church. I'm so exhuasted what was I thinking? I'm off to bed. Good Night!


Mariko said...

Oh my. Uh, maybe I don't want to visit? What a psycho.
Poop in any place other than the toilet or diaper totally deserves a melt down. I cannot stand that. It makes me crazy irritated. I'm so glad that pretty much every time something like that has happened it has been when Amaya was with Jake. So much better to be the sympathizer than the sympathizee.

Pamela Palmer said...

glad you made it home safe. we missed you today. have a fun party with adam. chicken fights, great food, dodge ball. i did a slide half way between home and first (unintentional) and have a scraped knee to prove it. how did the kid react to your whispered threat?

adam said...

been there. I remember when mikey pooped in his toy box.

parent who don't discipline their own kids blow my mind. how can they stand to be around their own kids when they act like that.