Thursday, August 21, 2008

San Fran

We've been in SF for the last couple days doing some major walking and exploring. My friend hooked us up with a sweet house right on the mission district and we figured we couldn't pass up the opportunity.
We spend a whole day at the Exploratorium.
It's a huge museum with instalations every 4 feet that are fun for kids and adults. I don't know how else to describe it but think HUGE open space with all sorts of things to touch, smell, listen, play, jump, see, etc.
All the instalations explain how things work and you get to experience first hand why the square root 16 is 4 and why your hand doesn't look wet underwater and why sounds travels the way it does and...
Here are some other things we saw while we were out and about. 
Chinatown is always a favorite, speacially because they have cool (scary) parks.
We are now back on SC picking more blackberries and nectarines than we know what to do with. Eating tomatoes from our garden and ignoring the fact that we will have to leave and sublet our place next week.

What have you guys been up to?


noelle said...

Wow looks like fun. I love San Francisco, it's such a neat city. I only wish you could have made it up there when I was there to join! :) I haven't seen Enzo in far too long and he's just looking way too cute and fun.

Karen said...

noelle, i hear you leave monday. thanks for keeping in touch this way. oh yes, damaris, i LOVED the exploratorium when i went as a chaperone for Jasmine's fifth grade.