Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Big Move

Hi All. This is Travis. For those of you who don't know me, I've been a wanna-be member of the Pam Palmer clan since '88. I specialize in Enoch, but I'm big on all of them. Because Enoch and Amy are both blog slackers----and since they don't have web access right now----I'm taking charge of this post.

After lengthy internal debate (and 10 years of living there), Amy and Enoch finally moved yesterday from their small Brooklyn apartment to a charming house in Westchester County (just north of NYC). They're living down the street from my family and me. From their new house, it's about a 60 second walk to my back yard; and about an eight minute walk to the Metro North train station; and another 30 minutes express train ride (from the train station) to Grand Central in Manhattan. Their house is a charming tudor built in the 1920s. It's located directly across the street from a nature preserve and duck pond (the kids are into feeding the ducks). I'm so excited for them----and for us!

Not that sleeping on their Brooklyn floor wasn't fun, but this new place has a guest room, which will add a whole new dimension to the number of people we can pack into their house. I posted a few pics for your viewing pleasure. Check them out there.


Damaris said...

a guest bedroom? Holy cow! You mean we can't sleep on a blow up mattress in the living room anymore? Or better yet Christian and I can't sleep together on the tiny couch?

The pictures of the empty apartment is really sad. I have awesome memories of that place.

The new house is charming and I'm happy that you guys live close together again. I mean, seriously, what are the NY Palmers without the Stardfords and vice-versa.

I love the guest bathroom with the awesoe tub.

I hope to be able to visit sometime before you all decide to move again.

btw, total side note but I saw a 5 year old (I asked his aunt his age) totally rip on the skateboard today. the kid was popping ollies like no ones business and totally carving. It was insane! And I totally thought about you and E.

Karen said...

Thank you, Travis. I love the Tudor. Hope to meet you and your family someday.

christian said...

Thanks for the post and pictures. The house looks awesome. It definitely made me want to come and visit. Thats fun that you guys are neighbors again. Of course everyone is always welcome in Santa Cruz.

Karen said...

Mimi said: Austin and I spent a night at L. Tom Perry's home in Westchester county long ago (1960's). We went to the World's Fair that year in NYC. It was a lush green suburb. It seems like the Perry's served homemade ice cream.

Jesse said...

Fun. Looks like a cool house, and a great location. Good friends next door, duck pond across the street, what more could you want? So Enoch is it still possible to bike to work? My last hometeacher used to do 20 miles or so to work, but he was pretty hard core. I have been doing six, but that mostly means I only go once or twice a week. With Tokyo traffic and lights, it takes 35-40 minutes. Can't wait to check out the new place.

Mariko said...

Wowwweeee. Seriously. I love the wood and the 1920's hardware. So classy, which matches you guys perfectly!

Kaity DeMartini said...

Thanks Travis. I'm so excited. Good Job posting. I love it.

Pamela Palmer said...

i second the motion. was sad to see the old place empty. not surprised that trave was the poster (looks who's talking--i never post) and am happy you guys are close neighbors. we love you all wherever you live.