Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Sis-in-Law

My introduction to Kaity was her wedding invitation where I immediately thought "This has to be one of the coolest girls on earth." Then I met Kaity and thought "She IS one of the coolest girls on earth." I am so glad that she is Christian's little sister and am even more glad that we are such good friends.

There are so many reasons why I love Kaity but I'll stick with 27 for now.
  1. She is stunningly beautiful but isn't a showoff about it. She also doesn't make you feel bad about looking "just normal"
  2. She shares clothes.
  3. We have a good system going where we share the boys clothes.
  4. She is always on the lookout for good finds from the swap shop
  5. She hooked us up and continues to hook us up with those finds.
  6. She LOVES to clean. Whenever she comes to visit she always cleans up and insists on washing the dishes.
  7. She loves to clean but is totally cool with the boys making a mess. (I admire this so much)
  8. She has the most energy out of anyone that I know
  9. Her energy is contagious, thank goodness. Just being around her gets me pumped.
  10. She is silly. She can laugh at herself. I have a very physical memory of almost peeing my pants one day in Hawaii when Kaity was modeling these tight leopard print pants.
  11. She has initiative. I sit around and think of a million reasons why I should start doing something. Meanwhile Kaity already finished whatever it was that needed to get done.
  12. She is super fun mom and is raising some pretty cute and smart boys.
  13. She is married to super fun Danny.
  14. She gives me good books to read :)
  15. She makes the best rice krispie treats and snickerdoodles.
  16. I have good phone conversations with her.
  17. She gets excited over little things.
  18. She comes and visits us.
  19. She'll disagree with me but compared to ME and most people I know Kaity is NOT a complainer.
  20. She is smart and passionate about similar issues that I care about.
  21. She breaks the stereotype that girls can't play sports. She's good at surfing, ultimate Frisbee, diving, and soccer.
  22. She is so sweet. I like how she calls Pammy "Mommy" how she calls Christian "Chrissy" and how she is so kind to those around her.
  23. She is quick to compliment.
  24. She is easy going. She's always up for whatever is going on.
  25. She has good taste in earrings
  26. She likes to eat and eats whatever I make whenever she comes to visit.
  27. I love Kaity so much because she is a good listener. I've been able to tell her so many emotions that I've had and thoughts that I would normally be sacred to tell anyone. She just listens and isn't critical.
Happy Birthday Kaity. I love you like I love my sisters and am so glad we are part of the same family. Can't wait to share your birthday with you.
xoxo Da


Mariko said...

Happy Birthday Kaity.
I'll add to the list for your year of getting older:
28: Kaity can be friends with anybody. There have been many times where I was in a situation where I didn't know anyone, but when I was with Kaity I felt really lame because so many people are attracted to her aura and make friends with her so quickly. That's true anywhere, it seems. People just sense that she will be friendly and accepting if they just start talking to her. I wish I had that quality! I'm way too judgmental.

Sienna said...

YAY! I love my one and only sister so much! While we may have had our rough patches growing up, I now consider her one of my best friends in the whole world. She is very patient with me and with her kids. She is smart and fun and is always willing to listen. I love her athleticism and energy as was already mentioned. Happy Birthday. You are the best sister. I hope you had fun at Disneyland.

Yesenia said...

Happy Birthday, Kaity! Kaity is so much fun to be with! I LOVED it when her and my boyfriends were my roommates for a couple weeks, it was so much fun! She has always been a positive role model and good friend! I can't wait until I see you guys! We'll definitely go shopping!

Kaity DeMartini said...

Thanks girls. You guys are so nice. Thanks for forgiving me for being a mean older sister. You're the best.

Sienna said...

i think you were only as mean as I was annoying. (meaning, i probably deserved it.)

noelle said...

I am way late...but here is my excuse -- i have been in europe with no internet! well i love kaity too so very much. she is like a big sister to me, too. i had so much fun that one summer when i was 13 that i hung out with kaity a you remember that? i like that kaity treats me like a friend and love spending any time with her. i always laugh and feel good. kaity reminds me of the things in life that i love. happy birthday!