Thursday, July 10, 2008

sweet 16

16 years ago was one of the happiest days of my life. I finally became an older sister (I had been waiting for almost 10 years!) and got a best friend to boot. I decided to honor Iris on this blog because even though she's not a Palmer she is definitely a friend to so many of you and your kids, at least she sees it that way. She is the least jaded and judgmental person I know. She is also the least sheltered 16 year old I know and has taken on so many responsibilities beyond her age, so to say that she's not jaded or judgmental means that she's down right awesome and will hopefully stay that way.

Whenever I call home I always hope she's the one that answers because I know I will always get a really cheerful "DA!!!" whenever she hears my voice. I used to think it was annoying every time she'd tell me that she wanted to be like me. Now I am honored and glad that she's a much better version.

She continues to be a constant source of joy in our family and for everyone she meets. She's of course the most popular girl in school, in church, in the neighborhood, in her after school activities... and not in the popular girl annoying sort of way. She's just friends with everyone and really tries hard to help others feel included.

She is the best aunt Enzo could ever have. Whenever Christian and I fantasize about exotic long trips Iris is always part of the fantasy as the one we would gladly leave Enzo with.

I am so excited to see her achieve her dreams. Happy birthday Irisinha, te amo!


Yesenia said...

IRIS! i love this girl to pieces! when i first met her, i felt like i'd known her forever! she is so sweet and so genuine, that you can't help but want her as a part of your family (which she is! yay!). ben and i had a lot of fun learning portugese words and getting to know her better. iris, i hope your 16th is as sweet as it can be! i miss you and i love you tons! feliz cumple chiquita!

Karen said...

happy birthday. I finally met you, Iris, but it was soooo brief. You arrived as I was leaving last summer. I hope your day is fabulous.

noelle said...

Iris is such a sweet heart and super fun to hang out with. I hope she comes to Hawaii again soon (when I am here of course.) Happy Birthday!

Sienna said...

Yay. Feliz aniversario! Nos te amamos muito. I have always loved spending time with Iris in New York, Brasil, or Hawaii. She has so much energy and love. I can't believe she is 16! I hope you have a great day.

Robbie said...

Awww! Da, you're such a sweet sister. Iris, I'm so glad you came out to Hawaii last year to hang out with us. We thought of you as we celebrated Amaya Jackson's bday since it's on the same day!