Tuesday, July 8, 2008

classic Enzo

yesterday at the park I heard Enzo have a conversation with a stranger

stranger: "What's your name"
Enzo: "Christian"
stranger: "How old are you?"
Enzo: "five"


Mariko said...

Mostly I just can't believe he can answer questions with anything other than "Yeah."

Bekah said...

G at that age- compulsive liar. When we visited my dad, "grandpa hit me." I never left her alone with my dad. And why would he hit her, except that she lied all the time.

Pamela Palmer said...

So there's a second generation other Christian? nice.

Bekah said...

I'm sure what he meant to say was "mini Christian" he just was abbreviating to keep things simple.

Karen said...

Yay!!! the christians are coming to see us today. and the only damaris.