Thursday, June 19, 2008

Red Raiders For Life!

Read this article from Midweek. I was super shocked when I heard it!


Jesse said...

There's no way that could happen. There are still a lot of students who go there and compelling practical, geographic, and cultural reasons to keep it open. It's just some random craziness by the BOE.

Mariko said...

This article is totally misinformed. I know about the bill and it will only affect schools that are really small, like Kaaawa Elementary--Places that have less than 200 kids. Kahuku High doesn't fall under that category. It doesn't say specifically that Kahuku isn't on that list, but it's focused on small rural schools that could be consolidated to other areas, and Kahuku could not be combined with any other school in the area. Some people freaking out at school passed around an e-mail about the situation and people who actually have read the bill responded that it was not targeting Kahuku. I'm surprised that Midweek (with their obviously excellent reporting) would publish such an article.