Thursday, June 19, 2008

bye Santa Barbara

Tomorrow we leave to go back to Santa Cruz and Pammy continues on her traveling grammy/nanny route. I am determined to find batteries so that I can take at least one picture with our camera of the family together. It's been easy not worrying about it because Sienna has a very nice camera and skills to boot. We'll have to get pictures from her. In the meantime you're stuck with my narrative about the trip.

We arrived on Saturday with Pammy. Sienna and Tony were already here. Sienna's friend Jamie picked them up from LA. On Sunday we went to church and had a planning session which started at various times of the day but only really happened late at night. It was hilarious. Chris, Tony and Danny went as far as writing on the white board with different colors. Blue was the activities and time and red was for the meals. I forget how planning can be taken very seriously.

Monday morning everyone had fun going to the beach. This place is bike heaven. I LOVE it. It makes me sad that it take serious cardio skills to ride a bike in Santa Cruz. We also went on a hike called 7 falls with no flowing water. I like hiking with kids because I'm no longer the last one trying to catch up. YES!

Tuesday we went rock climbing. This was my favorite of the activities. The place was AMAZINGLY gorgeous with lots of beautiful little swimming holes for the kids. I'm convinced that I need to go rock climbing more. I really like it. Does anyone want to come with us and watch Enzo while Chris and I climb? You'll also get a turn to climb. Gio is a dare devil and jumped from one rock to another and left the adventure with a big black eye. He'll tell you that he only cried a little. It's true, he did.

On Wednesday we went to the zoo. Enzo loves the zoo. He kept yelling macaco (monkey) and Gio kept yelling "there are no macacos only monkeys." Enzo got traumatized and has since started saying monkeys and gets mad when I say macaco. We went on another beach trip. I tried surfing (see previous post). Enzo on the other hand loved charging the waves with his dad. he was super excited to ride on the board. We need to get him a mini wet suit so he can go in Santa Cruz. Do they make them his size? We went and visited Victor and his mom (Pammy's neighbors from when she lived at Family Student housing). Victor had this great movie of Adam, Jesse and Chris. It was sweet. he told us good stories of how Adam used to knock on their door when he was only 2 and say "Hi, I'm Adam Palmer can I come in?" He also had vivid memories of Jesse getting upset when Victor would tell him that he had watched cartoons without Jesse. He said Jesse would say "I can't believe you watched them without me, now you wasted them." He had good stories to tell and it's obvious how much they loved watching the boys when they lived in Santa Barbara. At night Chris and I went on a date. It's nice having good babysitting that watches your kid at night and takes your kid in the morning so you can sleep in.

Today we went to the train museum. It was way to hot and not as cool as we hyped it up to be. We went to to the beach to cool off. Enzo, Gio and Zeke played super well together.

Tonight I took Enzo and Zeke on a walk to try and get them to sleep. Trying to get two babies on a double stroller that sits side by side to sleep is a bad idea. They had fun poking each other and screaming together. Enzo practiced all the new names "Penny, Senna, Tuny, Danny, Katy, Zik, and Gio" while he should of been sleeping on our walk. He'll be bummed to go home tomorrow and leave all these cool people behind. Me too!


Bekah said...

Wow. They have a white board. Sounds fun though. It's a good thing Mariko and Amaya are here, or we might wish we were there or something. I didn't know there was climbing by their house. We'll have to check it out in Sept. I am most looking forward to the surf though.

Karen said...

great write-up da!

Jesse said...

No macacos, only monkeys. That's classic. Kids think they know everything. At least G does.