Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mikolyski Update

Hi Palmers and friends! Just wanted to say hi from Laie and that I love your family and your blog! Damaris, thanks for keeping us all so up-to-date with California happenings. Your pictures are sweet. I don't have a blog because I feel like I don't have much to say, not having any kids, but I do enjoy looking at those of my friends and commenting here and there. For the first time right now, I am actually posting! Crazy. :)
Anyways, Scott and I are doing well. He's done teaching for the summer, but will still be working full time with computers at BYUH, which he enjoys. For me, school got out 2 weeks ago, but I've spent my summer so far working on curriculum plans and going to a week-long training in Waipahu for some new textbooks we're getting, so summer has finally really started for me this weekend! Yay!
I'm glad you guys got to have a little family reunion last week! You Palmers know how to make the most of each day. We had a little family reunion here as well, with the 3 of us siblings. My sister Moana hasn't had her baby yet (she's a week late so far), so if she doesn't have it by tomorrow night, she's going to be induced. Her ward out in Makaha had a baby shower for her last weekend, so Iz, Cailin and I drove out there to see them. Good thing, too, cause Iz got called out to New York just a few days later so that was the last time they got to see each other for a while! It was good fun.
So, that's about it. The weather is nice here and I'm sad that you are all elsewhere. Kaity and Danny, I'm sure you miss the ulus falling on your house, like they are on ours right about now! And the plennie mosquitos coming around! But we love it here. We plan on going camping a few times during the summer, but just hanging out on the island, as we have already gone to Oregon and Kauai so far this year.
So, I'd like to end by saying hi to Pammy, K & D, J & B, E & A, C & D, S & T, Adam and the kids, and Shelley and Steve. Love you guys! Talk to ya later!


Sienna said...

yay. thanks for the good update. good to hear from you. i love the pics.

Damaris said...

you are so sweet. Thanks for the update. So Iz and cailin will be moving to NY?! crazy.
you look cute, like always.

Kaity DeMartini said...

Hi Robin! Great post! I love the family pic. Carly is so big and cute. Also, I laughed out loud (lol) when I read your spelling of plennie. It looks so silly. I do miss the ulu and the mosquitoes. Weird huh?

cailin said...

imagine how surprised i was to see cailin and israel at church? it was so nice. and they stayed for a couple of nights which was also very nice. the kids all had fun together. they left this afternoon to move into their place. i'm missing them. you know how much your friends are family when you're in some place like new york.

cailin said...

by the way that was me pam.

Karen said...

i enjoyed reading this, robin.

Rebekah said...

Hi Robin! Yea! It was great to read your update. I will send you an e-mail-- thanks for looking us up!

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