Saturday, June 21, 2008

The drive home

We left Kaity's house yesterday at a punctual 12:30 which was the perfect time to get in our car that has no AC and drive through 110 degree weather and potentially die of a heat stroke. Luckily right before we left Kaity's house my friend from high school, Thais, called. I had been trying to get a hold of her all week to no avail. Apparently you can't check your e-mail 20 times a day at yoga boot camp. She's doing this extreme yoga training up in the mountains right above Santa Barbara. It was so so good to see her and hang out. She took us to a waterfall to cool off which was much needed.

When we got back in the car we were quickly roasting again. It didn't help that there was an accident on 101 so we were stuck in traffic. As soon as we were moving again we decided we had to stop and try driving sometime at night. We stopped at Jim and Myriam's house in San Luis Obispo. Jim and Chris took off to check surf and Myriam, Enzo and I picked fruit from her back yard and tried to cool off inside the house where it was only 90 degrees.

When we got home at midnight I was hoping for a nice cool home. Santa Cruz is always a bit cooler. Unfortunately it was just as hot. It didn't help that our windows hadn't been opened for a week. Our room felt like a sauna. We were so tiered and dehydrated that we didn't really care.


Kaity DeMartini said...

Da. You look great in a bikini.

Damaris said...

I wasn't planning on going swimming so I had to borrow Thais' suit and of course all she had were tiny Brazilian bikinis. yikes!