Sunday, June 1, 2008

I like you much better

I got to hang out with Gio a lot this weekend. Kaity had ultimate an frisbee tournament and was on the fields all day. Danny was supportive and watched all of her games. I went to one and then just hung out with the boys. Gio was super cute. When Danny asked him if he wanted to go watch the games or stay with Enzo and I, he said that he wanted to stay because we were his special friends. Enzo has so much fun with Gio and Zeke. He loves them. Gio and Enzo had a jumping off the couch tournament for over an hour. They play really well together. Gio is super patient with Enzo's minimal sharing skills. I think he got fed up at one point when Enzo grabbed something from his had for like the hundredth time and Kaity said something to the effect that Gio had to share because he's older then Enzo. Gio turned to Kaity and said "But he's taller." Gio is always saying these funny things. When we were at the park he would remark "I like this much better" and then ask "do you like this much better?" I think he was trying to say that he liked something a lot. We got him this little outfit for his birthday. I love that he likes wearing ties. He was excited and said "I like this much better"

By the way, I like Zeke much better too.


noelle said...

gio is so hilarious. and looks stunning in the new outfit. tan amable y guapo tambiƩn!

Kaity DeMartini said...

Hey Chris and Da and Enzo. We had fun this weekend. Sorry to make you come watch a game that I didn't even play in. I'm so glad we got to see you guys though.