Saturday, May 31, 2008

falling in love again

This past week Christian and I have spend very little quality time together, or any time together. He has single-parented, done all the house work, and tried to motivate me in this very stressful week as I finish my project proposal. At times like these I feel like there is an unspoken understanding that even though we are stressed, we know that it will pass and we will be o.k. Today I worked all day and at 8:30pm we went out to dance. I thought I would of been done but wasn't and almost gave up on our date. However, the babysitter came and off we went. We hadn't been dancing together for a long time. I forgot how much I enjoy dancing with Christian. I forgot how much Christian enjoys dancing. Its one of the reasons I fell for him. We did meet at a church dance, after all. During our date I got butterflies in my stomach from dancing with him. I felt like we were dating again and that I was falling in love. Then we came home and Christian opened up the computer and edited my entire project proposal. It's 3:10 am, finally done. He just went off to get some sleep before he goes dawn patrol with David Baucher, a commitment he had already made before he knew he would be up so late.

I like the butterflies in the stomach feeling but not even close to as much as I love the peaceful comfort of our marriage. The often taken for granted feeling that I can count on him to bear the brunt of the parenting and house work and still stay up till 3:00am with me to edit my paper and tell me that he thinks I'm smart and amazing even though I've been feeling very incompetent and stupid. This is why I love Christian. Not just because he rocks my world out on the dance floor.


Amy P said...

Love, love, loved reading this. Being well rested is overrated. Someone said that at the last general conference. Christian epitomizes this. If someone needs help, there is something fun to do he is there. I hope your proposal goes well. Miss you guys!

Pamela Palmer said...

Who's amy p? I agree with her whoever she is. (Just kidding.) love you all more than blackberries.