Sunday, June 15, 2008

Grampa Mike

Since I don't have to send any cards or do any shopping for Father's Day, I thought at least I could put up a post to honor our dad and let everyone whose joined the family since then get to know him a little bit better. I don't know about everything else, but as a father, it felt like he had it all figured out. I feel like I am always struggling to be as patient and loving as he was and enjoy and appreciate my kids the way I felt appreciated. Rather than try to be systematic, here are some random Mike memories.
I remember being read to at night. We always read a chapter from the Book of Mormon, and something else, like Narnia, or Tolkien. When we had a question, we could choose between the long and the short answer. He was good at giving us choices.
I remember in Davis when I got stuck with the Lego man without a face, I took it out to his office, and he drew a face on him for me. Last I checked, he was still in the lego box somewhere.
I remember him riding his bike out to find us for dinner as we ran wild through the back field., or stopping by his office to beg him for change so we could go by ice cream cones at the Seasider.
A lot of my memories are of his explanations for this or that. He would take the time to try and provide real answers to our questions, but in language and terms that made you feel smarter instead of dumber.
Anyway, I feel like he set the tone of openness, inclusiveness, concern for the problems of the world, aesthetic interest, frugality, service, and love in our family that we are trying to continue and that everyone contributes to. So even if you haven't met him yet, you will love him when you meet him because we are like him, and he is like us. Even though this is a little eulogistic, there should be some advantages to being dead.


Damaris said...

this was really sweet. thanks for sharing your memories of your dad with us. I feel like I learned more about Mike but also a little more about you in this post.
happy father's day. what do you guys do in Japan for father's day?

Karen said...

Thank you, Jesse for your words. I enjoyed watching then and remembering now with tender feelings. Happy Father's Day to you!

The Lipman Bunch said...

Thanks Jesse... I really loved reading this and the picture is precious!!

chelsea said...

I truely remember Uncle Mike. Whenever i had the opportunity, I wanted to be with you guys. running around and having fun. I feel like it was yesterday, we were laying on the top of Mimi & Grandpa's stairs and Uncle Mike was reading to us before bed. I still remember his voice and the way he read. I remember him cutting the corn off the cobb for one of the babies, must have been Sienna. I thought that was great. Happy Father's Day.