Monday, May 26, 2008

So Tute!

First and foremost, let me just say one thing: being a parent is NOT easy! Oh my goodness! I give MAD PROPS to all of you guys who are parents. You guys do such an amazing job and I do not know how you guys do it! Here are some pictures to show you how tired all of us are minus the kids who are ALWAYS full of energy!

I am looking pretty hashed! Chloe likes being on my shoulders. This way our walk goes faster because she always pick flowers, and we don't have to wait while she plays with all of the twigs on the ground!

Tey-Tey is the MAN, he's my newest addition in the boyfriend department and I could ALWAYS put him to sleep. I'm in love! G & Z, WATCH OUT!

Chloe would say this picture of her is "so tute!" She can't pronounce her c's sometimes, but I think it's a lot tuter!

I have had such an awesome time here. I have been tired and grumpy, but they put up with me because they love me! It has been such a good experience. I have met so many new kids and made new friends, it's great! Chloe is SUPER popular and random moms will come up to Ali and be like, "Hi Chloe!"; sort of strange but nice nonetheless.
We have gone to get pedicures, our eyebrows waxed, we have gone shopping at the mall, taken walks around the complex, gone to the parks, sightsee, and there is still so much left to do!

Ali has gotten the OK to start doing stuff since her 4 LAYERS OF STITCHES ON HER BELLY are healing correctly! Yesterday we went to Mount Vernon and it was gorgeous! We forgot the camera so no pictures! I'm thinking about applying for some internships here, and if I get them that would be awesome!

It's been really humbling to see all the things that parents have to go through with kids: no sleeping, looking like a zombie, not eating, not showering. When I was complaining to Ali asking her how the h she does it, she told me: "You have to be submissive. You are on the kid's schedule. Don't try to fight them, just go along with them."

And I must admit, that attempting to follow her advice has produced pretty good results. I love the kids and A & L even though I don't always show it. We all miss you guys and I can't wait to see you this summer!

Thanks for being such good examples to me. I told Ben that once we have kids I'm going to have an advantage over him because I am always surrounded by them. His response, "Who said we were going to have kids?"



Kaity DeMartini said...

You guys are all so cute. It sounds like you've had a really good trip. You are such a good friend. We are all so lucky to have you help take care of our kids.

Sienna said...

i love the pics. super cute kids. i am sure they really appreciate having you around.

noelle said...

sounds awesome. you hit is sis. i love DC. We should go again together some time. the kids are adorable. and i don't care what ben says, you guys are having kids! that's ridiculous. i want to meet miquelanda! haha or however you spell it ;)