Monday, May 26, 2008

Danny/Daddy update

I know these are over exposed, but you haven't seen Danny in a while. The significance of the post title is that Gio calls Danny daddy half the time and Danny the other half. They sound the same. Danny is doing good in school. It's pretty much just like a job at this point. He's not in class this quarter so he goes in to lab at 8 or 9, works (runs gels, reads, freeze dries things, etc) and comes home at 5 or 6. Right now he is researching about the iridescence in squid skin. In learning about the chemistry of how the squid do what they do he aims to mimic their skillz and produce some type of optical device that will save the world. I totally read (and edited) his research proposal, but my recap is evidence of the fact that while everyday he goes to school and gets smarter and smarter, I stay home and listen to my brain atrophy through my ears. (I'm retarded.) Everyday at lunch time I load the boys and leftovers into the bike trailer and ride the 2 miles to his lab while listening to This American Life (thank you Da) or Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me (thank you Bekah) on my purple iPod shuffle. The boys inevitably fall asleep and Danny and I have a nice grown up picnic lunch together. We talk (election) politics or watch the non existent waves or I bumblingly recite all of my newly gained knowledge about testosterone (This American Life) and speculate about my own current testosterone levels and their many varying implications. Danny seems happy in school although when I say things like he's getting smarter and I'm getting dumber he says he feels like he's getting dumber. I guess the more you learn about one specific thing the more of your useful broad knowledge you lose. Or something like that.
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Damaris said...

I loved this post Kaity! You have a great perspective on things. It shows in your awesome mothering skills. I totally felt like my brain was dying when I was staying home with Enzo full time. I felt extremely underwhelmed and overwhelmed at the same time. However your soul gets wiser as you learn the things that really matter like patience, love, service, you know all those good qualities that I am light years from even getting close to mastering.

The T episode is one of my favorites. I have this fantasy that we should test all the women and men in the family. It's probably a horrible idea but I would love to see the results. I'm sure I'd be disappointed in myself.

oh...and I think you are the best stay at home mother alive! You have incredible energy and always seem positive.The fact that you bike everyday to have a picnic with Danny is evidence of that. I love spending time with you because I get to observe how graciously you take responsibility with very little complaining.

By the way... do you think you can revise my project proposal? My advisor who is terrorizing me sent me a nasty e-mail asking me why I didn't proofread my hundredth draft. Of course I did. But obviously it still sucks. If I send you a copy can you read it over for me? I have to hand it in this Friday so I'm in desperate mode. I'll trade you an editing session for a professional massage session (not done by me) when you come to visit.

Damaris said...

btw I'm embarrassed that my comment is longer than your post. I should of just called you on the phone.

Kaity DeMartini said...

Thanks for the long comment. It's awesome. I will totally read and edit your proposal. Send it my way anytime asap. I could never do what you are doing. I think you are an amazing mom, student, wife, cook, and blogger.

Sienna said...

the testosterone was a good episode. it lead me to start reading about transgender indivduals, they are quite a fascinating group of people. i dont know anything about being a mom, but i have also been impressed with you stamina and patience. i always feel exhausted at the end of the day and all I do is stare at a computer screen all day.

noelle said...
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noelle said...

i wish i could read more things written by kaity. it would make me so happy.