Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Enzo and his hommies

Few things in life are as good as hanging out with your cousins.

and even less things are as good as having family who save the day. Kaity and Danny totally made Enzo's b-day happen. Kaity made cupcakes and Danny was awesome at the grill and played with the kids and helped clean up and... (Thank you guys!)

At the park

Enzo ate one million cupcakes. well not really but he would have if we had let him.


noelle said...

looks so fun! I really wish I could have come -- but I ended up cooking and shredding 125 lbs of pork butt for lu'au all day... sad :(

Karen said...

i'm homesick for "cousin's camp!

Karen said...

mimi says:

oh, for a sample of noelle's shredded pork! no cupcakes, please.