Saturday, February 23, 2008

some thoughts on a very rainy day

We've been having rain none stop. It's hard getting around on rain and crutches. I had recently got a pair of rain boots so now I hop around with only one boot praying constantly that I won't slip. Today we went to the Santa Cruz Natural History Museum. Chris has been wanting to go for a while but I haven't been that supportive of the idea. Museum's with kids just seem like more work than fun. I was pleasantly surprised. The whole thing is totally kid friendly and Enzo loved it. The adults liked it too. We'll have to take you there when you come and visit, you can touch star fishes at the tide pool they have. Enzo's been wonderfully funny and a total joy. He decided that he too can't walk so he hops behind me and my crutches. He mixes up Portuguese and English every time he speaks and we think he's getting ready for potty training. He tells us when he's peeing and pooping and gets a diaper and wipes, lays down on the floor and tells us he's ready for a diaper change. What do you think? I won't start the potty training process till after we come back from Spring break in Brazil and I'll be out of a cast. Oh yeah, I'm in a cast. I got it on Tuesday. It's removable so I take it off at night. It's still totally painful to put any weight on it. I will need to do some physical therapy to re-educate my muscles, considering this is the third fracture on it. My friends come over to help with Enzo and even clean up. My wonderful friend and neighbor Victoria (Avi's mom) has lots of enegry to play and Enzo loves her. We're sad they're moving in the fall. We need to make new best friends/neighbors. Living on campus is good because the disability van picks me up and drops me off when ever I need it, which is everyday.

We are on the last stretch of the quarter. I'm way busier this quarter than last but luckily it's the other way around for Chris. His core class is with a professor who loves to talk about back in the days when he tutored Anthropology to Prince Charles. My core professor is a Marxist. I have learned everything possible about longshoreman and am now convinced that it's the bestest job in the whole world. At least that's what I have to pretend when I'm in class. Chris and I are both doing an independent/dependent study with an Anthropologist who specializes in Brazil. It's been fascinating and It's the first time I've ever had a a crush on a classmate (chris and I are the only ones taking the class, if that wasn't clear). I like having a class with Christian he's not as competitive as I was imagining, maybe because he also has to deal with me at home. In all seriousness it's a great class (excessive reading at times) and we speak Portuguese which is also a plus. However, my favorite class this quarter is a workshop that I am taking with Nikki Silva my favorite radio producer, if you've seen my blog she's one of the Kitchen Sisters. I have only recently been more myslef in class and not totally nervous that this lady that I admire so much is my teacher. It helps that she's very down to earth. I am producing a short piece about the frustrations of putting kids to sleep. I was inspired by Mariko's post 1,2,3 Abracadabra Baby Sleeps. I had a really fun and funny interview with Kaity and Danny and also one with Gio. When I finish I'll upload it so you can all hear and enjoy a bit of the DeMartini's voices.

Life of course if busy and even though we make it seem like it's all fun we also have our frustrating moments my broken foot being the main cause of much frustration at this point in time.

Chris spend a lot of time this week looking and planning the Yosemite reunion. We are very excited to see everyone and hopefully we can make it work so that most of you can come. We're too late for reservations but there are a bunch of first come first serve spots. We are planning for the week of June 16th. Can you make it?

The other news is that I applied for citizenship. It cost us $700, ouch! A birthday presents of sorts.

Here's a picture of Enzo so you can see what we mean when we say he's pure joy and also a little on the heavy side.


Bekah said...

The target and perspective sort of emphasize his belly. He looks pretty normal to me. But this is coming from the mom of chunky1 and chunky2. But my how they've changed. Have you seen pictures of Miriam lately? Her face is as thin as Angelina Jolie's, I swear. It's so bizarre in such a young kid. I had chubby cheeks until halfway through my freshman year in college, though.

Bekah said...

oh right. They're still on the full side. my cheeks that is.

Pamela Palmer said...

Turns out Shelley's ankle is broken too and she's also getting a cast. She didn't think it was broken what with the swap meet adrenaline masking the pain. Lucky for us she kept doing yard work, etc. Thanks Shelley!

Pamela Palmer said...

I'm excited about the citizenship. My last electric bill was $425. (Just my part of the house.) I've got to figure out the drain. I'd much rather spend that money next month on your citizenship.