Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bluster Day

It's been rather blustery here in Tokyo. Enough to make a very small animal very anxious. Or to make a mildly hayfever prone Bekah very teary eyed. Every bit of dust and grit is blowing through the air, aimed straight for my eyes. This morning I woke up with giant blobs of gunk in the corners, where my eyes tried a little self cleaning. It wasn't entirely successful.

As Miss M says, the sun is tricking us yet again. (She also says "Bother!" quite a bit as well.) The sun has been shining in bright blue skies, but outside it's freezing with only a few blossom branched trees to hint of spring. These tropical/semi-tropical Palmers are having a very hard time getting used to this winter stuff. M has asked me on occasion "Do they have hot summer days in New York? Because if they do, I'm not sure if I want to live there or Hawaii." Can you see the draw of cousins at work?

I'm pretty bummed we're missing out on the Yosemite trip. Next time, I guess. I'm hoping to drive down from Oregon during August and visit one and all before we start the school year in Irvine. We'll keep you updated.

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Pamela Palmer said...

If she's going for weather. . .I think Hawaii might win. Love your cute kids. What other poohisms have become part of the language?