Friday, February 15, 2008

I am a [not] a runner - part 2

Just came back from another couple hours at the health center. The doctor yesterday was concerned because my ankle is super swollen and the radiologist at the ER had not done ankle x-rays just foot x-rays. So I had to go back and tack x-rays of my ankle. Good news, not broken! Bad news, it's a beautiful day outside and I REALLY want to out an play. ARGHHHH!!!! I am still in a lot of pain. My foot is very swollen and I need to get it to a decent size so that they can put a cast on me. Yesterday I baked sugar cookies for my students, tried to make a somewhat fancy dinner for Valentine's day, taught my class, and then went to a party at night. Once again my decision making skills are bad and at the end of the day my foot was more swollen then it had been when I first broke it and I was in excruciating pain. The cookies were a bust. Almost all of my students are Latino/as 14 to be exact (only 3 Caucasian students). Apparently ALL (not an understatement I promise) of the Latino/a students have also decided to give up treats for lent!!! Mariko you should come hang out here. Most of the girls gave up all forms of treats. the boys (3) gave up chocolate but they ate the cookie. The whole purpose was for them to decorate their own sugar heart shaped cookie. The Caucasian students were stoked and binged. The party was fun in that the food was good and we made pirate flags. Apparently Valentine had performed marriages even though it was against the law, therefore showing his resistance to authority. My friends thrive on this concept and so decided to throw a pirate Valentine's day party. However, Chris and I really celebrate V-day today because it's the day we met. We call it the "Last Chance Day" in honor of the title of the valentine's dance where we hit it off . That was 5 years ago today. Boy am I glad that I didn't miss my last chance to find Chris. He's been super nice putting up with my grumpiness and resistance for medication. I surrendered to vicodin and our relationship is back on track. Enzo is also totally mad. he doesn't understand that I can't pick him up among so many other things he expects me to do for him. For our special day I got flowers, a new light for the living room. We actually found it in the Swap shop at Kaity's but Chris got the power cords and the actual light bulb. I also got calcium pills and....a pedicure done by Chris with Enzo's assistance. Victoria my lovely friend/babysitter made a heart with rose peddles in our back porch with the number 5 to represent the years we've known each other. She's creative like that. She's also babysitting so that we can go out tonight.

As for the's the third time I've fractured it in the same spot. I'm going to have a bone density screening sometime next week. The doc said that once I get a cast it should heal within 4-6 weeks. I'm going to aim for 4 so that I don't have to go to Brazil with it on. I'm convinced that my ankle is swollen because I had to walk back from the woods to my house with a broken foot when the injury first happened. It was night time no one was around and Chris didn't know where I had gone jogging, AND....there were a bunch of deers that started surrounding me. Kaity they were not the reason why I fell but they sure motivated me to get out of there ASAP. Jesse, I like your suggestion for swimming. I was swimming last quarter and really enjoying it. This quarter got cold and I chickened out and started working out in the gym. Noelle, I also work out in the cardio machines. In fact I love them because they are super fancy with all these cool buttons and I can listen to my podcasts. However, I was being teased because apparently running on the machines is not really considered running. Hence my injury is yet another example of why you shouldn't surrender to peer pressure. Now I'm going to focus on getting my feet to not be so swollen so that I can get a cast and heal. I'll think of exercise later especially since I am still in a lot of pain. Thanks everyone for the nice comments. I wish so very badly that you all lived closer so that Chris could get some help and someone could help Enzo and I get up and down our stairs.

P.S: I am also glad I didn't miss my chance to meet Chris 5 years ago because that would mean no Palmers and friends and I do love you all very much!

(I also thought it was an "S" inside the heart bust she corrected me and said it was the # 5. It made more sense)


Karen said...

i am the last to know of your ordeal since i've been away so long. lovely heart with flowers. i too am happy you went to the last chance dance.

Damaris said...

Karen we've been missing you SO MUCH. I am so glad you've returned to the blogging world. Come visit us soon, please!!!

jaredandmatisse said...

I am so sorry about your ankle. My sweet, graceful dancer will need to just dance with her upper body for now. I think constraints are a great key good to choreography, so you are in luck. Aloha,

Damaris said...

Thanks Matisse. My facture is called a dancer's fracture. can you believe it? I think I'd feel better about the whole thing if I had broken it dancing.

Pamela Palmer said...

good thing your toenails were so nicely painted for the occasion.