Sunday, February 17, 2008

help with Enzo

This week I start solo life again with Enzo when Chris is in class. I've gotten lots of offers for help. I'm not one to easily accept help but I consider it a bad characteristic and will work on not only accepting help but enjoying it. I forget how often people like watching kids especially if they don't have any of their own. Last week (before the foot thing) I took Enzo to make some photo copies with me. He often comes to run errands with me, especially for my TA class. The administrative assitante love him and always give him something to play with. Last week he got this.

I loved it way more than he did. He pretty much just wanted to eat the ball. I'm glad to have nice people around.


noelle said...
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noelle said...

i think i really should go to santa cruz sometime. it would be a lot of fun to see you guys and play with enzo. it is not that far, but transportation can still be tricky. i really wish i had a car. actually, i wish i had a license, then i could just borrow hoku's car.

Pamela Palmer said...

i wish i were there too. enzo looks tall. he won't remember me, i think.