Wednesday, January 23, 2008


My classmates and I on our way to Utah

I had a great weekend in Utah. I not only got to watch lots of cool movies, play in the snow and go to a the Dead Presidents concert, but I also got to see Sienna and Tony. Their Studio is very cute. it's way bigger than I thought and very well decorated. I loved sleeping over, hanging out, going to church and having biscuits and gravy for the first time (Dittmer style). I'm so glad Sienna married Tony. He's one of the nicest, coolest guy I have ever met. My friends LOVED him 'cuz he's super social and funny. I hope to hang out with them again soon maybe even in Brazil.

Lots of celebrity spotting. I don't know anyone so I wasn't that excited. I did miss partying with Paris Hilton the night my friends went out and I surprised my college roommate Buffy. I don't believe in Paris Hilton, though, so I didn't care. I was a little bummed that my friend heather (one with the camera) met the guy who made Super Size Me. He has a new movie called "Where is Osama Bin Laden?"
It was cold and beautiful!

Monique!!!! She was awesome she let all 8 of us crash at her house for 2 nights.

Sienna, Tony and I watched this film called "Dear Zacary" It was good but super sad. My favorite film was "My Mother's Garden. I hope it gets distribution so you guys can see it. It was amazing!

No it's not Travis, it's just his clone. His mom rented her condo out to us the last 2 nights and Sienna,Tony, and I had dinner with her and her son Calder and his wife Star. Hilma is extremely nice. Now I know where Travis gets it from.


Karen said...

glamorous life!

jaredandmatisse said...

That is so cool Damaris! Did you submit a film?

Damaris said...

No. I went because my friend's film was selected