Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Santa Cruz

Here are a few pictures from Bernarr and Musi's house. Musi gave the boys these cool Batik shirts that her friend made. We had so much fun with Chris and Da. I wish that we weren't on our way home with a car full of crap, but what can you do? We got there just as the birthday party was ending (talk about lame), but then we were able to spend the next day together. Danny and Chris went surfing once. I was too wimpy to get in the freezing cold water. I can't even handle Santa Barbara which is much warmer. Gio and Enzo had fun playing this insturment of Musi's. We got to see Shelley and Steve and Flor, Harmon and Cedar. We ate some yummy burritos. Not pictured here, Zeke loved their hammock. We need to get ours from Hawaii. It was amazing how fast he would fall asleep in that thing. I want to visit Santa Cruz again soon.
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Karen said...

totally love these pictures. love you too.