Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Remembering January 1, 1978

I have been looking forward to Christian and Jesse's birthday since I recently came across a few of grandpa's slides that had been saved by Chelsea in an envelope YEARS ago. I took them to Andy's and he scanned and posted. Thank you, Andy.

I remember coming home from church that day and after hearing of the emergency, Andrew Boucher and I had a prayer together. I remember feeling reassured. I feel blessed to have known "THE twins" from the beginning. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love you each and your beautiful families: Damaris and Lorenzo; Bekah, Miriam and Gwyneth. Blessings this NEW YEAR 2008!!

Mimi writes: Mike joined Austin and me in the visitors' area after having given each baby a father's blessing in the hospital nursery. We were thrilled and impressed with his words which were something like "I have a strong impression that both boys will live and will grow up to be fine men whose lives will give us all great joy. " I believed him then and now know how correct his impression turned out to be.

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Kaity said...

I am going to post my comment to Jesse and Christian on neutral ground. You guys are the same person anyway right? (Christian and the other Christian.) You guys are the best older brothers I could ask for. When I was little I thought that I was a boy and wanted to be a boy because of you guys. I think all the time about how I would have been different if I didn't have older brothers. I probably wouldn't surf or rock climb or skate or snow board or hike. I always felt so important being someone's designated lucky roller in Castle Risk and going with you to your friend's houses. I remember always being included in mace wars and anything else you guys were doing. Christian has a gift of helping people with homework and making them feel smart at the same time. He has helped me with papers on more than one occasion in Hawaii and Provo and gave me the idea for my paper in Brother Grandy's class (Mormons and the environment). We have had tons of fun with Jesse and Bekah and the girls in California and were very grateful that they were there to help us feel less home sick. I remember the first time Jess and Chris took me surfing to Points. I kept screaming every time they tried to push me into a wave. Eventually one of them told me to stop screaming because I was scaring them. They thought I was screaming because I saw a shark. You guys are the best. I love you. Love, Kaity