Monday, January 7, 2008

rain rain go away

we've actually been needing rain so I shouldn't complain. We had huge storms these past three days. We were evacuated from our house because we had no electricity and I guess some other apartments had damage. We were lucky, no damage just being bored without any electricity for over 24 hours. They sent us to the University Inn downtown. It was fun. We got a nice warm dinner and breakfast and hung out with other families. On Saturday we went to watch the big waves.


Bekah said...

nice hat and boots enzo. cho kawaii.

Karen said...

we were out of power for 2 and a half days. lost a big top off of one of the redwoods and many branches crashed to the ground. exciting but hard for some. not for mimi and i cause we have bouchers who had power. miss you. cute rain gear. happy surfing to christian. heard
the party was fabulous. saw shelley thursday actually when i went to pick up yesenia in mtz on her way back from michigan:) she and mimi flew today to hawaii...aloha.