Sunday, January 27, 2008

I am in love with energy

Every Sunday I am reminded of how much energy Enzo has. No one needs to tell me it's just obvious during sacrament meeting (I don't blame him). Today he was actually pretty chill. Sure he walked around a little but was totally quiet, yes he was quietly walking around. In Relief Society today an older sister told me "Your son reminds me of my son when he was young. He has so much energy." I smiled. "Just remember," she continued "there's probably a 6 feet spirit trapped in his little 3 feet body."


Bekah said...

Hm. I'd put it at 5' 8", but it's still bigger than he is!

Pamela Palmer said...

he goes to nursery now, right? he might be bigger, who knows. mike's sister linda predicted enoch would be 5 8 (based on his height at age two or some such science) and she was wrong--so you never know.

Damaris said...

he does go to nursery and he likes it. On sunday he was crying because they had substitutes in nursery so he didn't recognize anyone. But even so you never know. yesterday he cried the whole time he was at Victoria's house even though he's totally used to her and usually doesn't mind staying there.