Sunday, January 27, 2008

Feliz Cumpleaños YESENIA

Happy birthday to my beautiful, kind, fun, sassy, loving, hilarious, smart, amazing cousin/ practically sister. Yesenia does so much for all of us, she is always so willing to give of herself and her talents. She works hard, and is good at what she does. She gives good, honest, straight forward advice. She'll tell you when you look like crap, which, honestly, is something we all need every once in a while. She helps me practice my spanish. She comforts me when I am scared or stressed. Te quiero, Yesenia. Espero que tuvieras un día fenomenal!


Sienna said...

Happy Birthday. You have been the best of friends to to me over the years. I always love talking to you, even though we don't get to talk much anymore. I really love and appreciate you and the loving spirit that you contribute to our family. Thank you for always being yourself and allowing us to be a part of your life.

Kaity said...

Happy Birthday. You are the best auntie. Gio and Zeke love you so much. Their "girlfriend." If anyone asks Gio who is girlfriend is he always says, "Senia." Thanks for all of the nice hand me down clothes. You are so stylish and so generous. I miss living near you.

Damaris said...

You kept me sane so many times in Hawaii. thank you for loving and taking such good care of Enzo. You are a good friend I miss you! Have a wonderful, wonderful day.

Colleen said...

que te cumplas feliz, y que sigas disfrutando del hecho de haber nacida de buenos padres porque ellos te han dado nombre e identidad. sos parte de los dos aunque to mamá sea la mayor influencia en tu vida-goza de todo lo que sea tuyo de sangre y de aprendisaje. gracias por ser como sos y que seas feliz y que puedas realizar todas tus aspiraciónes -con cariño

Colleen said...

Did you think for a moment that I could speak Spanish? I didn't really think so. I am so proud of you. You are an amazing adult (finally 21). So much charisma, so much charm--so many people appreciate you. I hear all the time--"is that your niece who works at the eyeglass shop? I'm more cool for being related to you. Thanks for being so emotionally tuned in. I appreciate that you always understand what's going on around you and
offer support and love. I miss you because you are hardly ever home these days. I hope you had a great birthday.

Love, Colleen

Yesenia said...

I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOOOO MUCH! thanks for being such amazing influences for me! I'M the lucky one who gets to be a part of this family!

i had an AMAZING birthday thanks in huge part to c&p, pammy, benny, s&s, gma, and everyone else. thank you for all the wonderful messages and sweet things!

Bekah said...

We in Japan wish you a Hahppee Bursuday! Love you so much Yesenia. You're sweet, kind, fun, generous, loving, beautiful, amazing, and more. So glad to know you. So glad to be a part of the same family. Can't wait to see you!

Pamela Palmer said...

i love and admire you too. you really do add some zesty spice to our family. and i like that you never tell me how i look. (at least not if it's bad.) i like the way you took matters in hand for a fun birthday party. you make every gathering more fun. i think this is going to be a very good year. love, pam

Karen said...

i love you yesenia. i am at the library finally back with the blog. i was bummed i didn't get to do this on sunday!!!

you are very important to me. i was so touched with your way of being a light to your family especially this last trip.

christian listens to YOU!! :)

i was touched that you were the one to let us know about president hinckley. i remember taking you to deseret book when you were still quite young and you chose a picture of the first presidency to buy because they "are so cute". I love that you are very tender to older people. i remember how you sat and really communicated with grandpa even near the end. also, it really touched my heart how you were so good at being mimi's flying companion.

i am so blessed to know you and thankful that you are part of my life!

i often look at the collage you made me about 5 christmases ago. it cheers me up.

i hope your 22nd year is wonderful. you are so beautiful to me. (i know that is a song)