Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Birthday Boy

When I met Christian he was 25 and I thought he was old now I think he's the cutest 30 year old out there.
30 reasons I am so glad he was born

1- He likes to dance.
2- He is the best at cleaning up
3- He's truly the best dad I know. Whenever I come home after he's spend the whole afternoon with Enzo he's in a totally good mood. Plus he and Enzo have matching hair.
4- He loves waterfalls, enough said!
5- He's very nice to his mom and siblings
6- He rarely gets mad.
7- He's easily content, especially when we live by surf
8- He speaks PORTUGUESE (this was a huge factor when we started dating)
9- He's very smart but refuses to tell people that he went to Yale. When they ask where he did his master's he always says Connecticut.
10-He makes bread about every week and apple pies galore.
11- Kids love him. I still think he should of been called to nursery instead of YMs
12-He's totally handy. He build this cool book shelf out of an old futon frame we found on the street.
13- He builds me longboards and was always up to night skating with me in New Haven.
14- He made me a big jewelry box that not only fits all my stuff but also helps to keep it organized.
15- He still writes me poems.
16- He is very accepting of people and is not judgemental.
17-He doesn't complain about living with my crazy family when we go to Brazil. He only complains about not getting enough exercise when we're in Sao Paulo.
18- He's a good soccer player. I'm serious this has been proven many times when we're in Brazil and he joins pick up games with guys who play every single day.
19- He's good at keeping secrets.
20- He's very good at planning trips.
21- Sooooo incredibly generous.
22- and so incredibly righteous. He's a very spiritual person especially when it comes to being thankful for the creation.
23- He's a good environmentalist but isn't up on people's face about it (people he's not related to I mean)
24- He's interesting. He always knows random facts. When we first started dating I thought he made stuff up. He's proven himself to actually have this incredible memory which is perfect for our marriage.
25- He's NOT confrontational. He no longer expects me to help him with directions. He now pulls over and looks at the map and we continue on happily. This will continue until we can afford a GPS for our car after we can afford a car that is.
26- He doesn't like to spend money but NEVER complains about not having money. In fact he's so good at saving money he paid off $---- of my student loans (lets just say it would have been enough for a down payment on a house, in Kentucky but still)
27- He's an activist and hasn't given it to a total cynical mentality just yet.
28- He has initiative. He doesn't think he does but he totally does.
29- He can draw really well. I think if grad school doesn't work out he can be a tattoo artist. He makes these very intrinsic detailed designs. There was a point in our marriage where I would have weekly new henna tattoos.
30- He's my favorite person in the whole world. I never get tiered of being with him and miss him A LOT when I travel alone. He's good company. Even when we're just studying together he always makes some comment to make me laugh. He takes good care of us and is quick to show his love and appreciation (rare gift). Te amo muito meu amor. Feliz Aniversario.


jbones said...

Happy Birthday Christian! I hope you have an awesome one, and I hope you score some awesome gifts and treats! Like a new surfboard maybe? And some fun waves to go with it.

Amanda and I don't have a blog yet, but we probably will soon. For now, you can check my blog at badijones.com

Hal said...

Happy B-day...Favorite Memories...Being in a car on ghe way to basketball with Christian;s friends and a dead silence coming over the car when someone said "Noone supports the war" and Me saying, "I do" So, putting up with my cherished naive viewpoints with lots of tolerance.

The 2nd, encouraging me to go spelunking in PR and surfing in HI, two things I never thought I had the courage to do. Did the former and was scared as a chicken crossing the road and latter was a rush but I was horrible at it, I am not a strong enough swimmer is my guess. I now just do boogie boarding on the lame waves of RI.

Karen said...

happy birthday, christian. wish i were there! very good to read your specific 30 points, da! love you and miss the little lion.

Ephraim said...

Happy birthday Jessie and Christian. I'll just post for both of you on this entry.

First, I really miss New Year bonfires. Jake and I tried while you were still on missions and while it was fun, it just wasn't the same as having you two there. I guess the uninvited firemen guests makes a party a little more special and important.

Because of you I've explored a large portion of Oahu, the cave in the point, worked on overcoming my fear of heights lock crimbing and jumping malaekahana falls and the point, and more importantly I feel like I was more prepared spiritually and mentally for adult life because of our association. I spent a lot of time at your house watching you study scriptures while others were just passing the time. Even on Saturday mornings. This helped me develop my own testimony and cherish righteous friends. After spending time away from you in Oregon and Honolulu, and American Samoa I'm finding that I may never find people like you again. You taught your younger sisters with patience and love. You admire your older brothers and think that what they do is ultimately cool.

I guess I could keep going. It's always a joy to see you two and I hope you had a great birthday celebration. I love you guys.

Oh, you may be happy to know that the NYC ball that was dropped this year was lit by 9,500 energy efficient bulbs that only used as much electricity at 15 toasters.

Ephraim said...

did I say Jessie? I meant Jesse.

Travis said...

Damaris: I love your description of Christian---it's so spot on!

Christian: Happy 30th. I second everything Damaris said and would also like to state that your Oahu reputation is legendary. I meet the randomness people who have spent time in Laie and they all know of your greatness!

Jesse said...

Happy Birthday Christian. You're awesome. Catch some vicarious waves for me. Do some vicarious airs. Get thrown over the falls vicariously. You get the picture.
When I think of Christian memories I just think of all the most heinous hikes we have been on. Getting caught in a storm in the Sierras and waiting it our tent freezing. Starving on the PCT. That crazy "trail" from Haleiwa to the summit. Foot deep mud and 8 feet tall Uluhe tangles to burrow through. Not enough water in Waimea canyon, eating wild, sour citrus, barefoot or in slippers, since my shoes were giving me blisters and I was wearing yours. Trying to figure things out on the Na Pali at 14. Awake all night under a tarp on the summit as 13 year old scouts, when the Bishop got helicoptered out. You frigid again on the halemau trail because you stayed back with Alma. I think my life would have been much less interesting without someone to do all this stuff with. Thanks.

camila said...

Christian;I´m so glad you're part of our family,and even gladder Enzo is!He´s so beautiful and I miss him so much and I´m so proud he´s got such an awesome dad who treats his mother soooo well and takes care of him sooo well too!!Which means Bruno is gonna have an awesome cousin to surf with...please do teach both!:D
I wanna wish you all the best 'cause you most defenately deserve it!!!Feliz Aniver!

christian said...

Thank you all for the wonderful comments. It made my day to see them all. Plus we have Gio, Zeke, Kaity and Danny here to visit. Oh yeah, there were some fun, small, glassy waves today. Life is good. Thanks everyone.

Lehi said...

I don't blog, but happy B-day to Christian and Jesse. I thought it was funny to call Jesse with a Jessie sounds cute :P I think the best memories with Chris is when he didn't do anything. He used to like to do nothing... those times are long gone, always nice to dream.