Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I Heart Jesse

Happy Birthday Jesse!
My bestest friend in the whole wide world.
The dad who takes us exploring.
M likes when he takes her surfing.
I love hiking, swimming, kayaking, hot springing, and just being with J.
Have a great day and welcome to your thirties.


Damaris said...

Happy birthday Jesse you're now one day older than Christian.

Mariko said...

Wait a second, you have a time machine? :)

Pamela Palmer said...

What I have to say is that so far there hasn't been a moment that I haven't loved being your mother. You have brought so much light into my life. As I told Christian the other day, I was scared of having twins but after having you two I hoped each pregnancy was twins. You had to learn to share from the get go. You bonded in the incubator, keeping each other company and warm while you grew from pip squeak to big enough to come home (still under five pounds). You kept each other alive then and more than once since, I suspect. Now you are men with generous hearts and good heads. I love you very much, Jesse and Christian.

Karen said...

happy birthday to you jesse! i have always loved being your aunt and cherish memories of that first day (sunday) of 1978. love you and yours.

christian said...

Jesse, Happy Birthday. I definitely have a lot of good memories of doing fun stuff together, wait, almost all of my memories of doing fun stuff include you. People always ask me if I get along with my twin and its hard to explain that its not really about getting along, how can not get along with your evil alter ego. Adam always said we share a brain and I think he's partially right. Its hard to think about the surf sessions, hikes, climbs, dives, and all the fun stuff we've done together. And since we haven't been around each other as much I doubly appreciate someone with my exact same attitude and aptitude for fun. I'll catch some good waves for you if you'll find some onsen and waterfalls for me in Japan. I love you and look forward to another 60 years of outdoor adventures.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated! You and Chris were MY little babies since I was just ten when you two were born. I hope you had a great 30th birthday and know that we love you.
Tricia, Dave and Kids.