Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cute by association

You can see where Zeke gets his cutes (he's obviously got my squinty eyes). What I wish I had a picture of is me riding to school in my dry duck rain suit (compliments of Jesse). On my way to school it started pouring and when I got to school my clothes underneath were d-r-y. (Who's laughing now?) We had had crazy wild rain the day before (and power outage/snow day break from school) for twenty four hours. I rode to school that day to get my papers and they wouldn't let me in so I was forced to play all day with Adam and the kids. Adam (good at fun) spearheaded a beach barbeque with chicken breast and everything else we had in the fridge kabobs. The beach was lovely (Kekela), the water clear (though Pounders was brown. We had fun all day without electricity. Have you ever played ping pong baseball? Even people's cell phones began losing power. Sweet.


Sienna said...

you and zeke are so cute. i love that picture. sounds like you guys are having fun even in the rain. too bad byu doesn't ever call snow days. i could really use one about now. it's 1:35 AM and i have seven pages done. i am hoping the other 9 pages won't take as long.

Karen said...

Pammy, YOU and Zeke are adorable. I can see that you both are choosing to associate with the best. Love you. We are getting Christmas up a bit at a time. Christian is coming after school to help me assemble our tree. It's a bit of a project. The boucher Christmas Inn is a happening place. Nick and Eric are helping N and D decorate to the MAX.

noelle said...

we had a power outage here too. it was kind of intense though because the power went out, and all the doors slammed and there were sounds of compression? I thought it was a lock down or something. Anyway, my dorm is very antisocial and no one really knows each other... so when people were coming out into the halls to see what was happening, there was a lot of, "wait, you live here?"

I had a girl ask me if I lived there, and there I was standing in my pajamas, in my doorway. "Oh, no...I just like to roam around random dorms around midnight. I'm not even a Stanford student." It was funny.

you and zeke do look good together. i'm sure the rain day was nice. i really loved when that would happen.