Sunday, December 9, 2007

Baby #2

No I am not pregnant but I thought I was.
Our friend Victoria had her baby so Chris and I watched her son from Thursday until Tuesday. Since Avi and Enzo are the same age we experienced the joy of having twins for a couple of days. It was actually pretty fun except when it wasn't and then I was convinced that we should never have twins.

Enzo started getting a fever on Monday night. It was up to 103 for most of the night. On Tuesday Christian took him to the doctor. After 6 hours waiting and waiting the doctor decided that Enzo had an ear infection. In the mean time Christian had to figure out a way to get a urine sample from Enzo among other things like making sure Enzo behaved in the doctor's office because the receptionists there are REALLY grumpy.

By Tuesday I realized that my period was late. Since I am very regular and have only been late when I was pregnant with Enzo I started freaking out. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative.

By Friday I still had no period and Enzo was still having fevers and NOT acting any better at all. I did another pregnancy test and again it was negative. So last night (still no period) I decided to do some research. My options for not getting my period and not being pregnant were,
a) anorexia (ruled that one out right away as I munched on my brie,dried tomato, olive, sandwich. I love food way to much and don't feel like I need to loose any weight)
b) premature menopause (yikes, I really hoped that wasn't the case)
c) stress (do you think?)

So today after taking a nap (we've been getting NO sleep with Enzo being sick) I got my period. HOORAY!

Now the only problem is that Enzo is still not doing well. He still had a fever up until yesterday and his gums have been super swollen and his mouth will start bleeding for no reason! He obviously doesn't want to eat anything and has majorly lost some of his delicious baby fat. I am worried about him. I think he might be having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic. Tomorrow I'm taking him back to the doctor. Have you guys ever heard of this happening?

I really hope this next week is better.


Mariko said...

It's funny, because I was just telling Pam yesterday that you guys must be having a fabulous time in California, since all your posts are super fun. I guess I jinxed you.
That sucks about Enzo! I also had a pregnancy scare last week (because I'm ridiculously paranoid). We must be on the same vibe.
I hope he's feeling better.Amaya's got a fever today. She had her flu shot so it's not fair if she does get flu (I hemmed and hawed about that shot). There is NO way I could take care of more than one kid right now. Even if it's only for a few days. I'd be terrible at it. We definitely need to talk. I got wrapped up in stuff yesterday, but I had planned to call you. Maybe a day this week when you aren't ridiculously busy?

Karen said...

Oh my, what a time you have been having! I hope Enzo is doing much better today. Damaris, I have been meaning to call about Nutcracker tickets. I guess the only performance you could see is Friday the 21st @ 7:00. There are no shows Thursday. I think I'll go ahead and order the tickets. I look forward to seeing you. In the meantime . . . hugs to you and your guys. I watched the video a few times :)

Damaris said...

So I took Enzo to the doctor today and the poor baby has herpies all INSIDE his mouth. No wonder he screams whenever he tries to eat anything. I really hope he feels better soon.

Karen, friday night tickets would be perfect. kaity also wants to come. can you get her tickets too? maybe you guys should talk.


Mariko said...

HERPES! Ack! I've been so scared that Amaya might get it. I forgot that the first episode is so terrible. Poor baby. Amaya had hand-foot-mouth disease, which sounds terrible, but was okay after the first 4 days. Seems like almost the exact same symptoms as Enzo though. Fever, sores in mouth, lots of drooling, no eating.

Pamela Palmer said...

premature menopause is definitely a long shot. (you're not getting out of having a bunch of kids that easy!)