Sunday, November 4, 2007

nyc halloween

so the big bummer was that we didn't really get any photos from halloween- amy's new camera battery died even before we got started, so these are a few some friends took. the kids had a great time. tenney was a mini santa, shown below as the casual half-dressed christmas eve santa. the little beard and accessories didn't last very long. really his costume was all about the perfect belly and he wore it well. ada went as pippi longstocking and she was excited to hear that she and kaity had the same costume. ezra made his up- a vampire/skeleton/mummy combination which looked pretty good when we painted his hair black and stuck it straight up (sorry no photos). ezra was with 4 other boys his age from his class and it was fun to see them so excited together. they wandered around the neighborhood until we got tired and then headed back to our building where we had pizza and visited with neighbors.

the other photos were from a trip out to connecticut that amy and the kids went out to for a martha stewart shoot at some old estate. who knows if they'll use any of the photos, but they had a lot of fun playing.

it was great to see everyone's cosutmes- we miss you!


Damaris said...

I love the pictures. Tenney makes a great Santa. That should be your Christmas card picture for this year.

Ada is definitely Amy's daughter, the leg warmers give it away.

Sienna said...

I would have loved to see Ezra's costume. But these pics are great. Tenney is a perfect santa. We can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!

Karen said...

Mimi says Tenney makes a perfect santa. (Ditto Sienna)

elsa bags said...

OMG ezra looks just like amy in that second to last picture. i'm so use to the boys looking like little enochs it caught me off guard.

we are already buying elsa lots of leg warmers...yeah!