Saturday, November 3, 2007

Bike riding in Tokyo

I got a new bike from craigslist about a week ago. It was kind of far away, but it came with a bike bag which you need to take it on the train. It is a Giant500mm giant ocr3 touring bike. According to the seller, the frame is alloy, with a carbon fiber fork, and lightweight Giant saddle. Everything is stock except the Tiagra platform pedals, which has power straps, so can get some power on the upstroke without bike shoes. Here's a better picture and a review of the bike.

Anyway, it is a nicer bike than I was planning on buying, but it was within my price range. It is really light, which makes be pretty happy as I wheel it to the elevator, and I notice a little bit as I ride. It's made me more reluctant to put a basket on it, but my bag is pretty heavy and doesn't hang well behind me, so I was originally planning on putting one on. It is way faster than the old mountain bike I was using (someone gave it to me for free), mainly because of the fat wheels and front and back shocks, and that only half the gears worked. I am still not totally used to the posture on the new bike.
It is pretty scary riding around here. There are a number of other people on bikes, on the road it is mostly bike messengers with nicer bikes as most other people stay on the sidewalks. I bought a reflective strap so the taxi driver will have to at least acknowledge I am on the road, but I still need to get a helmet. School is maybe 6 miles or so, and takes 40 min., mostly because of all of the stop lights, although I have only been going once a week or so. I am still trying to find the best route.
Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about maintenance. I have never really had a bike that was worth worrying about. Any suggestions?


e said...

maybe not in tokyo, but here the lock always has to weigh (and hopefully cost) more than the bike to be even worth it.

i love my bike- maintenance and adjustment is pretty easy and worth picking up (just look around online).

definitely check out this site:
i follow his advice on braking and it has saved me more than once...

Jesse said...

people will occasionally take bikes here, but its usually not a thief, but someone who's late for work or drunk, or something. so you have to have a lock, but usually anything will work.

Sienna said...

I have been riding my bike a lot lately. Going to and from school a couple times a day is about the only exercise I make time for. I learned through experience (and three popped tires) to always keep the tires pumped to the pressure that is says on the wheels. Although, you probably already knew that. Although, I am quite fast at changing a tire now.