Monday, October 22, 2007

Pammy Mammy's Yard

I was going to put this up on my blog, but then I realized that you guys would probably appreciate it here.

Amaya loves Pammy. She calls her "Mammy." I try to feel as related to the Palmers as I can, so it helps that Amaya's the cutest way I can get in. She gets very very upset if Pam walks by or leaves without taking her along. When Pam is doing yardwork she often has to hold Amaya in one arm and do her gardening with the other (even when mowing the lawn). Amaya loves to wander the backyard and find fallen lemons, rocks, potted soil, and anything else that may fit into her mouth.
The good thing about fruit in Pammy's yard is that it's very manageable. She pulled the last mango off the tree today, the lemons are used regularly, and there are some beautifully shaped lilikoi that will be ripe in a few weeks. No breadfruit here, and also, no flies. Just picture perfect, yellow to orange hues.


Damaris said...

I'll have to tell Christian about the lilikoi. make some mousse!

noelle said...

pammy's backyard just makes me happy.
i have been craving mango. we never have mango in the dining halls :(