Tuesday, October 23, 2007

55=423 Naniloa still lives

As you can see, our people can rival your people any day for cuteness. Mikey and Minami spent the night and we had a good time stamping. Tailee got the good sport award today for doing a triple totem pole with Adam on the bottom, her in the middle, and Minami on top. To get down they went into the water and she was still wearing her clothes. (Adam says you need a picture to get the full effect.) I also included a family of the day Christian and Damaris left. Enzo is living up to the Palmer tradition of looking deceptively stoned. Also, I couldn't resist including Enzo's Elvis hair (a Halloween idea if you can find a glittery jumpsuit.


Kaity said...

I love the pictures. Enzo looks so cute with his dad and nanny. Just kidding Da. Mikey and Minami can rival anyone for cuteness any day. Especially in a place where brownness is such a virtue.

Damaris said...

good comment Kaity! Not only does Enzo look nothing like me but he even takes after his dad when it comes to looking stoned.

I've been wanting to see pics of Mikey and Nami but now I wish I hadn't. It really made me miss them. I was so lucky to live by them for a year and I am very upset that they look older, already

noelle said...

i think enzo does look a lot like you, damaris. at that one baby shower where we played the game where you had to match the baby to the person, your baby picture looked exactly like enzo.

mikey and nami are really too cute for their own good. i told mikey once that he had really pretty eyes and he says "i know," while giving me that look like "i get that all the time."