Thursday, September 6, 2007

What Jesse has missed today

Today would seem uneventful, but when you're going solo, life can get pretty exciting pretty fast.
-Miriam sounded out three words: me, see, and sat. Very momentous as reading practice has been painful and this is the fourth time we've started the program.

-Gwyn stuck a beebee up her nose, but successfully blew it out 15 tense minutes later. You could tell she was nervous about the ordeal. And my first reaction was "why can't you do this kind of stuff when we have insurance?"

Otherwise we're good and really looking forward to seeing Jesse in 5 days (the kids are counting down. It's really cute.) Gwyn is excited to go to pan and see daddy. Miriam misses him enough that she's not obsessed with how hard it will be for her. Looks like Jesse found a school for her. We are going to check it out next Friday. We miss all of you and hope that everyone who can makes it to Japan this year.

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Karen said...

Hi to Gywn(so happy the beebee incident is behind you) Good going on reading, Miriam. Thanks for the stories, Bekah.