Friday, August 31, 2007

nap time update

Enzo is taking a nap so I came over to Natalie's to look over some e-mail and decided to do a quick update. I tried doing this yesterday with Enzo here. It lasted about 40 seconds. He ran through this house with his arms stretched and was able to create chaos in a very short period of time. I am starting to think I raised a savage. Sacramento is very hot, over 100, right now. It's miserable except that Karen has pool connections and Enzo gets to run around naked, his favorite way of being. He had a hard time when we were in Santa Barbara and Big sur because he had to wear clothes and he was really upset about the whole thing. I guess he'll get used to it. Hanging out with K+D and the boys was amazing. I'll have to upload pictures and really go into detail about our camping trip later. Kaity found me 2 really cool jeans and hooked us up with some warm clothes for Enzo. Their swap shop is amazingly organized and she finds very cool things. Danny works hard on their garden, one of the coolest little gardens I have ever seen! They have all sorts of good things including chick peas, woah. Gio kept on telling Enzo to sit down because he was the home teacher and he needed to give Enzo a lesson. I had real conversations with him and he wouldn't just scream back like Enzo does it was very nice. Zeke looks a lot like Tenney, in my opinion, and pretty much knows he's cute so he just smiles a lot and is really nice to have around. I heard him cry once for maybe 10 seconds during the couple days we were with them. I always enjoy hanging out with them and really wished we lived closer. We saw our place in Santa Cruz. The kitchen is smaller than Kaity's, the living room is pretty big, the stairs are narrow and wooden and very dangerous, the rooms look O.K size and the study is actually bigger than I imagined with a huge window. We have a very cool backyard, no swap shop, metered parking for guests (lame) and the daycare seems great. Enzo is still waitlisted. We are getting hooked up left and right with all sorts of goodies. Shelly gave us some kitchen things and Liz is moving back to her parents house so she also gave us some kitchen things. We are having fun hanging out with Mimi and Karen. Enzo really likes Mimi, he watched almost a full episode of wheel of fortune yesterday. Everyone is being so kind to us. We'll drive down to Jake and Sarah's on Monday and meet their new baby Zack. Once we really settle down I'll post again with pictures.

we miss Hawaii! I miss the family, friends, yard, warm beach, mochi ice-cream, walking to foodland, and the mountains. I am super excited to start my program, have better access to organic food, live in a groovy little hippie town, hanging out with new family (yesterday I hung out with Liz and we had so much fun talking and laughing about our moves), meeting new people, and seeing new places.

I hope everyone is doing well!!!


Jesse said...

Fun. Gwyn is not going to like having to wear clothes either. It is always fun to get set up and get new stuff. And you are in a great place for it. I am hoping that we'll be able to get what we need here without paying too much. Isn't the swap shop the best.

Karen said...
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Karen said...

Miss you already. So fun to be part of the adventure. Early walks and enzo's song. Damaris, thank you for getting me started with the family blog.