Wednesday, September 19, 2007

This Week in Santa Cruz

This has been a good week. My to do list has almost nothing on it anymore. Our house is looking more like a real house with furniture and everything. Plus or hammock is up, which makes the whole place a lot cooler. Enzo likes to swing on it as well. The only thing we're missing is a bed, athough we scored a free king sized mattress which Enzo loves. He finally has enough room to really sleep and has been taking 2 hours plus naps on it. Sunday he took a four hour nap but I think he was catching up for the whole previous week of missed sleep. We also put up our pictures and that has made the whole place feel much more homey.

Other good things is that we got on WIC, Enzo got on Medical so he finally has health insurance which is great. We also got a landline and our cell phones will go dead at the end of the month, email or call to get our new number it you're interested. Plus Damaris got a TA for Spring and I got one for Fall so we both have TA's all year which should help things out financially quite a bit. Everthing is going to be very busy but it looks like it's going to be doable which will be nice. Also, we went to the farmers's market today and got some good stuff. We would've gotten more but the family student housing open pantry was loaded with good stuff this week so our fridge is stuffed full of fruits and vegetables which is a good feeling. Also a bunch of the stuff I planted is already sprouting so that's pretty exciting as well. Hopefully we'll get radishes, beets, kale, chard, leeks, beans, lettuce, and eggplants although that might be pushing it for out little plot.

And of course the best part about the week is that there's been consistent head high surf all week long. Steamer lane is a beautiful little surf spot and I really like it. I'm excited about the upcoming winter swells. Getting in the water at 6 in the morning when its really cold is takes a little courage but once the initial shock wears off its all good.

Tomorrow and Friday I'm hanging with Enzo, tomorrow we're going to pick up a free phone off somebodies doorstep, going to playgroup in the park, nap time and lunch and then we're going to watch BYUH play Santa Cruz in soccer in the afternoon. It should be pretty fun day.


Damaris said...

Christian failed to mention that the fall TA he got is the same one I have. So we'll both be TA intro to Latin American studies. Not only do we have to attend all lectures but we also have to lead two discussion sections a week, each. It'll be nice to help each other but hard because we'll have to find babysitting for Enzo. It looks like we'll do some babysitting swap with another couple, the dad's name is also Enzo, if that means anything.

Kaity said...

Your house looks really good. I like the windows. It looks nice and light. I like Enzo's room. I can't wait to come and see you guys. There are two crock pots at the swap shop. I don't know which one to get. Maybe I'll get both so we can make sure they work.

Karen said...
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Karen said...

Christian and Da, I love your light airy place. Maybe I could come and watch enzo sometime. I look forward to reading the blog. Everyone write good posts and the pictures are great as well. Mimi asked what was your 7 letter word in the scrabble game?

Ali-Chloe's Mom said...

Da and looks fantastic, glad to hear everything is coming together and your garden already in production. Lehi says have fun freezing your %^%& off surfing and watch out for any toxic waste, etc.

Would love to visit and go to that great park with you but we are still in limbo until end of November.

Great pictures of the house, looks nice. Question; so if Enzo is sleeping on the king size bed, who's sleeping in the toddler bed??? ha ha ha

take care, ali and lehi and chloe

Pamela Palmer said...

I'm glad things are coming together. How'd y ou manage it? Enzo's looking more grown up. What's the big idea?