Wednesday, September 19, 2007

noelle's life: an update

I know I am not a Palmer, but I thought I would give the blog a try just for kicks. So here goes: I am back at stanford and classes start on Monday. I have been liking the way it smells here. Like trees and mountains.

Right now I am in Green Library because I don't have internet access in my room yet. I will get my things out of storage on Friday, so for now I have been sleeping on my towels on a bare mattress, which has been interesting. I slide around a lot.

I helped Hoku make a chocolate haupia pie for her class last night. It looked pretty good, but I didn't try it. I have been going strong in my vegan diet. So far it's been only one day, but I am not missing animal products too much. Does Scott have any suggestions? words of wisdom? we'll see how it goes. It actually feels pretty good.

Well, I miss home and everyone a lot. Hopefully I can see Chris and Da and Enzo some time. Thanksgiving? Will we all be going to Sacramento? That would be fun. I want to see Kaity and Danny and Gio and Zeke too. I love having family relatively close by, and I really want to see you guys.

love, noelle.


Damaris said...

I never intended to name the blog "palmerhawaii" I really wanted something more broad like "family." Of course all the easy names were taken so after a long time I just decided on "palmerhawaii." Anyway...just to let you know that I am VERY happy you wrote and definetly want you and the rest of the family gang to feel included. By the way, Kaity and Danny are coming fo General conference, you should come too. We really want to see you.

Kaity said...

Noelle!!!! You are so funny. I laughed out loud at you sliding around on your towels. You should grow up to be a comedic writer kinda like Dave Barry or David Sedaris. That's super cool that you're doing a vegan diet. I think Scott eats a lot of peanut butter and tofu and of course fruits and vegetables. I want to see you too. Maybe I'll call you tomorrow. I love you. You are so nice. I miss you. How's Austie doing?

Sienna said...

nice post. i didn't even know you were a vegan. I am very impressed. I need to do something to my diet, but I think I might just try cutting out sugar. I wish I lived in Cali so I could be so close to everyone too. Maybe I will get to visit at some point. We are going to NYC for thanksgiving though. Anyway, I better get back to my grammar homework. I love those indefinite pronouns.

Karen said...

I was excited to come across your post. I especially liked the Sacramento for Thanksgiving part. Love you... Karen

Bekah said...

We don't have sheets either! Jesse wanted us to get some and I didn't like them, not realizing that they were our best bet. Now we've been sleeping without pillows on our down comforter on 80 degree nights. It's a bit warm. Good job on the diet. I was vegan a week during college. I ate a lot of salsa and beans. Jesse would love it if I started cooking vegan more often. Love you and miss you.

Pamela Palmer said...

No need to be a Palmer. It does sound fun to be within driving distance of so many extended family members. You should definitely go to Santa Cruz (before you get too busy). Love you lots.