Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Happy Birthday, Tricia!  I am glad you came to live with us in the winter of 1968 at just about 4 months old!  You have such inborn confidence and love for people.  I love being your sister/aunt and consider you a great friend and support.


Kaity said...

I LOVE this pic and love Tricia too. I had fun going to the ballet together and playing Scrabble!

Liz said...

Tricia, it's way past due, but I wanted to wish you a happy belated birthday. I tried on your birthday from Brian's phone, but when I was finishing up, it froze up. Anyway, a month later, I want to say Happy Birthday to very cool, vw-driving, gum-chewing, 80's music-listening, charismatic, confident, modelesque,very cool cousin. This is the way I remember you when we spent the most time with you, and really, I still see that girl in you. You have always had a gift of making people feel important when you are with them, and I hope you know that because of that, you are a very special person. Happy belated Birthday, Tricia!