Friday, March 2, 2012


We celebrated her birthday a little earlier while the rest of the family was here last week but you can never celebrate too much of a good thing. I'm so happy that Damaris was born. Here are ten reasons why and I'll let everyone else add the other 19.
1. She makes really good food.
2. She encourages me to do things that I like to do.
3. She is always learning new things.
4. She has her own ideas and opinions about things.
5. She is really nice to everyone.
6. She is fun to talk to.
7. She has a lot of good music.
8. She has a testimony of the gospel.
9. She likes to travel.
10. She is gorgeous.


Kaity said...

Happy Birthday!!! Super cute pic.
11. She is fun and easy to talk to about anything. 12. She makes beautiful, super smart babies.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

hahaha, I love you Christian Palmer. I don't think there are even 19 people who read this blog. I'm so glad you like my music. It does make living together easy.

KT- Thanks for the b-day wish. My favorite is Maria trying to make a peace sign with her hands.

christian said...

13. ela e carinhosa.
14. ela faz homeschool comigo.

Mariko said...

15. She doesn't mind staying up super duper late to talk even though she should go to bed
16. She likes to spend money on food 17. She works really hard to improve herself.
18. She is a great writer and I love to read her writing.
19. We agree on almost everything, which isn't even close to a requirement for me to have in a friend, but it does make things super easy.

Karen said...

20. Damaris is true to the core. She speaks and lives her truth.
21. Also, she is a link to bring folks together who might otherwise not come together for whatever reasons. (This blog is an example.)
23. Also, she is F-U-N!! The "prove you're not a robot words included that word...and it fits!

I love your day at the beach picture. Fun and funny too.

Karen said...

The rate we're going we will be in the triple digits with reasons soon!

Tony said...

24. she knows what she wants and she asks for it or she goes for it (she doesn't wait around for others to guess what she's thinking).

25. this is kinda like karen's 21, but she's very inclusive and always makes people feel welcome and loved.

26. she's good at keeping in touch with everyone (even when she lives far away).

Jesse said...

Happy Birthday Damaris. I think I can think of a few more things to fill this list out.

27. She understands the importance of having fun.
28. She is always very encouraging other people to use their talents, reach their full potential.
29. She is a mover and shaker. She just decides to do things and does them.