Monday, December 12, 2011

How to Best Spend a Wisconsin Winter

Hi Everyone!  We've had an awesome two weeks in Hawaii.  We're looking forward to another 4 more! The kids love the beach, shave ice, and hanging with the cousins.  Jesse is fulfilling his quota of projects at both Pam's and Adam's.  He's also working on a conference presentation and a textbook.  I've finally decided to apply to grad school.  Due Friday.  Nothing like a deadline to get the blood flowing.  Not to mention all the Christmas projects.  Speaking of which, I only took 5 photos of the reunion this summer. Ooops.  If any of you could send me photos of my family, kids, husband from Utah, that would be great!  I need them by Friday.  More deadlines, I know.  Love you all.  Wish you were here with us!


Kaity said...

We want to come back!!! We miss you guys so much. Life is WAY too busy here and the beach is freezing. I didn't take a single picture in Utah. I am lame. I know lots of other people did though.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

Not bad at all.

Your girls are amazing. I can't believe they swim at pounders! And Miriam is just a beautiful now as the first time I met her in Hawaii when she was a baby, also Christmas time. I'll send you my pics via shutterfly. Sienna has them on Shutterfly too and apparently so does Pammy. How cool that you're doing Christmas presents. Make something for us to, since I'm being lame and doing nothing.

Good luck with your application. Enjoy your free time before grad school starts and then it's always work in some form or another.

sienna said...

looks like fun. i'm very jealous. i sent you three links to three different albums (my pics, pammy's pics, and da's pics). hopefully that helps!