Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy December from Utah!

On the day after Thanksgiving, we had to go up to Salt Lake, so it was the perfect chance to see the lights at Temple Square. Bo loved all the Christmas lights and didn't seem to mind the cold at all. He would not sit in his stroller though, so the little prince got carried the whole time. He's been very particular lately. He says "my do it" for just about everything that he wants to do all by himself with no help. It makes everything take a lot longer and some things nearly impossible. He throws fits about changing his clothes, changing his diaper, or putting shoes on. We've tried potty training, but he is very resistant. Right now, he is running around naked and refuses to put any clothes on. I try to let me have his independence as much as possible, but do have to force him to do some things. Several times I have let him go outside without shoes in freezing temperatures. After a few minutes, he asks to put shoes on.

Right now, he's running around the living room with a blanket around his neck like a cape, saying "I a Super Why Nakey."

In pregnancy news, I'm 28 weeks and feeling great, besides being incredibly tired from about 4 pm on (especially on the days when Bo takes no nap or a short nap). We talk a lot about "baby brother" and Bo uses his doctor kit to listen to the baby's heart and give me "shocks" (shots) in the belly.

We miss you all! Everyday we think about how much it would be if we all lived closer!

Love you,

Sienna, Tony, and Bo


Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

I wish we lived close for sure, then you could parent Maria for me. It seems like you are war more patient than I am. She's being so difficult lately.

chelsea said...

Isaac is in the same "no! me do it" phase. It's hard when I'm trying to get Monet to school on time. I decided I'm going to sacrafice the gym and everything else to try to potty train him next wk. he turns 3 in Feb and we are most likely moving Jan 1st so, I figure now is the best time...wish me luck.

Robbie said...

I love hearing about how Bo is acting these days! He is so cute. Our Kadin isn't nearly as much of a handful as Lucas is. Kadin actually helps put his clothes on! (But not quite ready for potty training either.) We can't wait to take Kadin to see the lights at the DC temple soon.