Sunday, November 6, 2011


Hi from Itacare,
here are some things that's been going on. Christian and I are making a website for the canoe association so that they don't have to use the travel agencies to book trips for them. The peak tourist season is approaching, we're expecting our quiet beach town to not be so quiet pretty soon. Yesterday we got to go on a canoe ride up the river. It was  so way cool.

Enzo asks to go surfing daily. Yesterday his aunt Iris bought him a very cool present, his very own board.

Every time he's on a flat surface he practices getting up on a board.

In other news, we got a kitty cat!

I'm not an animal person at all but I kind of fell in love with this little kitty. Christian likes cats, and the kids were super excited so everyone was happy to welcome Cacau to our home.

He's just a month old and super freaked out by the kids specially Maria.

This is how she poses for every single picture. I can see why kitty is scared.

Kitty likes to hide under the stove so Maria has been hanging out by the stove a lot today.

The kids were so excited about the kitty they woke up and forgot to get Chris and I out of bed. They went straight to find kitty and Chris and I got to sleep in. I don't know how long the excitement will last but so far so good.

How are things with you?


sienna said...

i'm glad that enzo likes surfing, but i'm sure christian is even happier. i'd love to see pictures of the waves there. i'm curious. glad you found a kitty that you all love.

Kaity said...

Love it. We really miss you guys. I'm jealous you guys got a kitty and that Enzo likes surfing. Ahhh, one day.

Jesse said...

Our kids are pretty jealous too. They have been campaigning for a kitten for the past three years. We kept telling them, "Maybe when we get a house" so now we have to think of something else. I actually like cats, but Bekah is allergic and we travel kind of a lot. Surfboards, on the other hand, make great pets. Although Christian said it's mostly beach break.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

Wait why didn't you guys just tell them that Bekah was allergic? Wait, Bekah is allergic?! If you guys come we'll have to figure something out, assuming kitty will survive that long. Today I thought I killed her. I thought she jumped out the window. I was freaking out big time but she was hiding of couse. The lady who gave us the kitty warned us that most cats don't survive for more than a year in Itacre. I'm not sure why I hope I never get to find out.