Monday, October 24, 2011

we have a bike, and some other little updates

Hi family (and friends),
just thought I'd give you a little update on our life here in Itacare. We bought a bike and we love it. All of the streets are cobble stone so it's not super comfy but oh well, at least now Enzo gets to school much faster. I love that we're walking distance to everything and love it even more now that we're a quick bike ride away to everything. Except for church. Arghhh, I hate that church is so far away. All I can say is that I've never appreciated the priesthood as much as I do now. Christian does a good job at blessing the sacrament and passing it out to us on Sundays. He also does a good job at making sure we're all spiritual enough. We wear our Sunday best, though lately we haven't been wearing any shoes to our Sunday home church.

I kind of look pregnant in the picture above though I can assure you I am not. As far as the adoption thing is concerned we're still just trying to learn more about the whole process. basically we're just asking a bunch of questions.

Speaking of babies, Baby Maria is a big girl now. She's saying all sorts of things, it's pretty funny. She's not feeling great these days because she's been sick with a stomach bug, the same one I had last week where I thought I was going to die.

Enzo loves school and he also loves not leaving the house. Last Saturday we went on a hike and he was complaining the whole time because all he wants to do is stay home. When he's home he wants to work on his workbooks, read books, or do math flash cards. I'm not really sure what to make of it. He misses his friend Junie a lot. He also misses Gio and Zeke. He always talks about Gio and Zeke. last week I made snickerdoodles and he really wanted me to save some for them. I was finally able to convince him that it was going to be impossible to save them snickerdoodles. Then I told him the story of how Kaity made the first snickerdoodles that I had ever had and besides Kaity is the queen of sickerdoodles, I'm sure Gio and Zeke get wonderful snickerdoodles from their mom. Then Enzo was sad and wanted wonderful snickerdoodles from Kaity.

In other news Enzo has another loose tooth which is always exciting.

Maria also really wants a loose tooth.

My mom is coming to visit us for a month, so is my uncle, and so is a bunch of other people. Yay! I haven't spent Christmas in Brazil since I met Christian, who showed me that Christmas in Hawaii is way better. We don't have any real traditions and my family doesn't do gifts. I'm not really sure how Christmassy our Christmas will look like but regardless I'm still excited to have my mom visit us for a month.

That's it for now.


Karen said...

beautiful. i want to come to your home sacrament meeting! and share snicker doodles with enzo and maria who is still small but not a baby. and no, you do not look pregnant to me. we miss christian and his bread too.

sienna said...

so does enzo go to school and do home school? that's great that he loves it. it means you must be doing a good job. i would love to hear baby maria talk. i was sad i missed you guys on skype yesterday. i love your bike. bo and i bike lots of places since we don't have a car while tony is at work. it is awesome (except getting a flat tire a mile away from home and having to walk). i can't believe enzo is getting so big too. thanks for the update.

Kaity said...

Da, we have been making Halloween cards and Gio and Zeke want to send one to Enzo, and they have all sorts of other ideas for things to send him too. I love your bike and front bike seat. Also, I was thinking how skinny you looked in the first picture. Not pregnant at all. I am so jealous that your mom gets to come for a month. That would be a dream come true. Also, will you tell Enzo to come over and whip Gio into shape? Gio is anti-academics right now.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

Karen- you are welcome to visit us anytime. I think you would really like Brazil.

Sienna- Enzo does a combination of school and homeschool. We weren't really sure if he was going to go to school here so I brought a bunch of homeschooling materials. In the morning he likes to work on his English workbooks. Then he goes goes to school from 1:00-5:00 pm. He really loves learning. He's also super competitive which I guess motivate hims. For example, he wanted to know what grade Christian was on. I told him Christian was on his 23rd grade. Enzo was impressed and now he wants to workbook his way up to a Phd.

Kaity- I'll have to send you our mailing address and then you guys can send Enzo a Halloween card and it will get here just in time for Valentine's day! :) We miss you guys a lot.

Robbie said...

congrats on the new wheels! You look great and sound great. Hope you have fun with your family coming to visit!