Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our New House

Here are some pictures of our new house. There is a whole list of things I've done including installing a new shower, several new hinges, putting glass in the window, cutting down the palm fronds that were letting ants inhabit the roof, putting locks on some of the doors, redoing the clothesline, putting nets on the balconies and windows so the kids don't fall off and a bunch of other stuff. Through the process I've learned a bunch of new words in portuguese and that everything is easier if you have the right tools. We really like the light in the house. There is a wide varanda with big glass doors that open up letting in a nice breeze. The kitchen and living room are connected with high ceilings and then the bedrooms have large doors/windows that open and allow for a lot of air flow although not much privacy until you close them. We're right above the road so we can see everything that is going on down below. We're also pretty close to all of the beaches.

Upstairs there are two smaller rooms in a kind of loft. Iris is in one of them and the other is empty for visitors although its not a bad place to escape to get some work done. There's a lot of wood and wicker which is nice. Everyone has as mosquito netting which is kind of essential because the house is totally open.

This is looking upstairs at the loft.

This is our bedroom.

This is the kids bedroom. As you can see the netting was essential. Its probably a ten foot drop onto concrete out the window/door. There is kind of a backyard which is part of a store/restaurant that is currently vacant below us. Hopefully no one will rent it anytime soon. We did get permission to use the space as long as no one else is although we haven't been down there yet.

This is the extra upstairs bedroom for visitors. Come visit.

Living room looking out with our two new hammocks. One for each of the kids. It helps to reduce the fighting unless one of us wants to get it.


Kaity said...

It looks super cool and fun. Kinda Swiss Family Robinson-ish. I want to come and visit.

sienna said...

it does look cool. glad you found a place with some character and glad that you were handy enough to make it work.

Mariko said...

Love. Love. Love.

Karen said...

I love the order and minimalist (colorful) simplicity. It also has a good character. Good work. Auntie Safety says thank you for the nets and hopes they are enough!