Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Colleeny!

I wish I had better pictures (Obviously, I'm out of practice when it comes to taking pictures of real, live people) and I wish these would portray Colleen's obviously painstaking life's work in making such a cool family. She's good at surrounding herself with such awesome spawn. It's like a family of ultra-cool brothers and mega-awesome sister, and then I get to go home when they get annoying.

 Kidding. Noelle is never annoying.

Plus Paul is the perfect-o running partner for me. Luckily Colleen shares and has even been running a bit herself, so soon we'll be the perfect running trio.

It's been fun having Ethan, and now Isaiah in my class. Both of them grew up very suddenly and it took me by surprise. The girls are  fighting just to get a piece of them.

I'm sure Truman won't have any trouble picking from the leftovers.

 Colleen is amazing at everything she touches. I'm sure the Springs will take over the world, soon.
Happy Birthday Colleen!


Karen said...

gifted story telling! Happy day, days and life, Colleeny!

sienna said...

awesome pictures. totally true! colleen does have a way of making things successful (her family is an excellent example of that). i wish i had one-tenth of her persistence and hard work and good ideas. also, she doesn't look old enough to have such grown up kids! time flies when you're stuck in utahland.

Kaity said...

Happy Birthday Colleen!! I thought about you but never called. Lame. I love the post, the pics and the fam. We need to hurry up and move back there so we can hang out with you guys all the time.

Jesse said...

Happy Birthday Colleen.
We miss you guys.

Colleen said...

Can you believe I just saw this tonight. What an unexpected treat! Thanks Mighty! I love you all. Colleen