Wednesday, July 13, 2011


On the way to the pool, Enzo says he wants to tell us a story. "When I was very, very small my dad was taking me to jump off a gigantic rock (Waimea). My mom said, 'NO!! He is too small to jump off a very high rock!' I really wanted to jump, so my mom said, 'Go ahead and let him do it JUST ONCE. He will NEVER want to do it again!' My mom was wrong about that because I wanted to jump again and again and again!!" When we got to the pool (a super generous, fun family lets us swim whenever we want), they had their scissor lift parked at the edge of the pool. Their boys were waiting for the Dad to come home and take them up to jump. It extends to 25 feet. Well, a few of our company took the plunge, including Toa, Gabriel, Kaity & Gio, Christian and of course Enzo. Enjoy.

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Robbie said...

So cool! Glad you all are having lots of fun together. :)