Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mimi's house

It might have something (or everything) to do with the fact that as a child we moved around so much, but the only place I remember really feeling at home was my grandmother's house. I could be myself at my grandmother's house more than any other place I knew of. I have a very similar feeling when I'm at Mimi's house. When we were driving down to Sacramento on Wednesday Christian and I talked about how much we appreciated Mimi and Karen. We would arrive late and there would be no expectations for us to do or be anything. Karen wouldn't judge us for having the dirtiest car on the planet or the dirtiest kids for that matter.

When we arrived Karen greeted us outside. The kids were cranky and she just hugged them. Mimi was sitting on her chair reading a book and with her gentle kindness welcomed us in. When I'm at Mimi's I don't feel like anyone is judging me, certainly not Karen or Mimi. Even Maria can scream as loud as she wants and Mimi never complains, though she did let us know that she can hear her screaming and that Maria is loud. Being here is a treat, I feel like I can recharge my batteries and start thinking about our next long stretch of traveling. I hope that one day my home will be as heavenly as 4433 North Park Drive.


Grimsmans said...

So true so true!


Karen said...

come back!! please!!

mariah said...

I feel the same way. I hope I can have a place like north park drive, too. I loved seeing you guys there :D

sienna said...

summer in sacramento is something else. i have so many amazing memories mostly because of so many amazing people. we are lucky to have them in our family.